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April 2017 minutes

posted Aug 6, 2017, 2:21 PM by Rehoboth PTSA


Rehoboth PTSA

4/12/2017 6:35 PM | Meeting called to order by Karen DeRoche

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were read from the March 2017 meeting and approved.

Principal’s Report

Beckwith Middle School – Mr. Pirraglia

·       The ELA portion of the MCAS for grade 6 to 8 is complete.  Fifth graders will take theirs after vacation.  The Math portion of the test will take place in May.

·       Using devices to take test has been positive for kids and teachers.

·       Middle School appreciation month is taking place and first middle school informational night was held.  Participants included Bravo Music and Detective Casey about internet safety.

·       Spirit week was held with a student versus staff basketball game.

·       Peter Pan Jr. had 3 sell out shows.  Thanks went to Lori Rossi with her work on the costumes. She created all the costumes bases and let the kids decorate.

·       5th grade bash will be held on the 28th.



Erin Baer

·       There have been a few deposits including the auction (which was down a couple thousand from previous year), Palmer River Book Fair and the restaurant of the month earnings. 

·       Palmer River Enrichment including Sparky’s puppet for Kindergarten and fourth grade buses have been paid out.

·       Mr. Pirraglia noted Beckwith’s enrichment budget would be used soon as many trips were coming up. Hoops had been delivered. Mr. Pirraglia verified that the supplement amount not included in PEG grant could be taken out of enrichment.

·       Jennifer Moitoso asked to confirm of PTSA donation of $100 from auction to Robotics team. Susan Bogosian confirmed.


Committee Reports

Dance-Karen DeRoche

·       $1500.00 was earned between the 2 dances.  50% of the proceeds will go to PTSA.

·       Dances were well attended and there were many good comments.

·       In future more grades could be combined and separate fourth grade dance would not be needed. 

·       Several families had financial hardships requests which were met.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon- Nancy Breault

·       An informational letter would be going out today with requests for items to be donated.

·       The date for this is May 5th.

·       A Valentine’s Day appreciation gift of $88.55 is including in budget.

MA PTA State Convention- Karen DeRoche

·       Board members Karen DeRoche, Susan Bogosian and Holly Kucinski attended.

·       The Presentations were based on diversity with consideration of grandparents standing in as parents, foster parents and homeless families. There is a challenge to include these families.  Mrs. Miguel and Mrs.DuBois were recognized and rewarded for their work. 

·       Susan Bogosian noted Rehoboth PTSA won the most awards including membership drive.  The PTSA also increased from 3 to 5 delegates included in convention.

·       Mrs. Dubois also received award for her work in the Reflections Competition where many Rehoboth students have participated and won awards.  Many of these students will advance to the next level.

·       The following students received awards and will be recognized on Saturday May 20st at the Worcester Art Museum: Andrea Lancelotta (visual art), Charlie Favali (visual art), Caleigh Petersen (visual art), Aspen Abernathy (visual art),  Patrick McCann (literature), Ryan Bomes (photography), Gia Pappa (Dance), Fiore?. 

Bill Harley night- Karen DeRoche

·       Bill Harley will perform for families on April 25th at Dighton- Rehoboth high school.  Families need to reserve tickets ahead of time with the number that will be attending.  There is also ice cream social following performance.

Talent Show- Erin Baer

·       Both shows are full.

·       The M.C. will be Sean.

·       There will be a rehearsal on May 4th, followed by the performances on May 5th.

·       Lori Rossi is finding cost effective, nut free ice cream options for the night.

Boosterthon- Susan Bogosian

·       There will be a meeting for Boosterthon for the end of the month.

Available Positions-Karen De Roche

·       The following positions are available for next year; Vice President for Beckwith, Spirit Wear, Treasurer,  and Box Tops which Holly Kucinski will take over. It is the end of Karen’s term but she will stay on as President as needed.

Medeiros family- Jennifer Moitoso

·       A donation bucket was set up during the 3 plays for Shane and Mackenzie Medeiros family whom recently lost their father.  $1500.00 was earned at Beckwith Dress Down along with $880.00 from families attending the Peter Pan performances and $330 in gift cards from staff at Palmer River. Thank you to everyone for their support.


A motion to adjourn meeting was unanimously accepted a 7:20