April 2017 minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA

4/12/2017 6:35 PM | Meeting called to order by Karen DeRoche

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were read from the March 2017 meeting and approved.

Principal’s Report

Beckwith Middle School – Mr. Pirraglia

·       The ELA portion of the MCAS for grade 6 to 8 is complete.  Fifth graders will take theirs after vacation.  The Math portion of the test will take place in May.

·       Using devices to take test has been positive for kids and teachers.

·       Middle School appreciation month is taking place and first middle school informational night was held.  Participants included Bravo Music and Detective Casey about internet safety.

·       Spirit week was held with a student versus staff basketball game.

·       Peter Pan Jr. had 3 sell out shows.  Thanks went to Lori Rossi with her work on the costumes. She created all the costumes bases and let the kids decorate.

·       5th grade bash will be held on the 28th.



Erin Baer

·       There have been a few deposits including the auction (which was down a couple thousand from previous year), Palmer River Book Fair and the restaurant of the month earnings. 

·       Palmer River Enrichment including Sparky’s puppet for Kindergarten and fourth grade buses have been paid out.

·       Mr. Pirraglia noted Beckwith’s enrichment budget would be used soon as many trips were coming up. Hoops had been delivered. Mr. Pirraglia verified that the supplement amount not included in PEG grant could be taken out of enrichment.

·       Jennifer Moitoso asked to confirm of PTSA donation of $100 from auction to Robotics team. Susan Bogosian confirmed.


Committee Reports

Dance-Karen DeRoche

·       $1500.00 was earned between the 2 dances.  50% of the proceeds will go to PTSA.

·       Dances were well attended and there were many good comments.

·       In future more grades could be combined and separate fourth grade dance would not be needed. 

·       Several families had financial hardships requests which were met.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon- Nancy Breault

·       An informational letter would be going out today with requests for items to be donated.

·       The date for this is May 5th.

·       A Valentine’s Day appreciation gift of $88.55 is including in budget.

MA PTA State Convention- Karen DeRoche

·       Board members Karen DeRoche, Susan Bogosian and Holly Kucinski attended.

·       The Presentations were based on diversity with consideration of grandparents standing in as parents, foster parents and homeless families. There is a challenge to include these families.  Mrs. Miguel and Mrs.DuBois were recognized and rewarded for their work. 

·       Susan Bogosian noted Rehoboth PTSA won the most awards including membership drive.  The PTSA also increased from 3 to 5 delegates included in convention.

·       Mrs. Dubois also received award for her work in the Reflections Competition where many Rehoboth students have participated and won awards.  Many of these students will advance to the next level.

·       The following students received awards and will be recognized on Saturday May 20st at the Worcester Art Museum: Andrea Lancelotta (visual art), Charlie Favali (visual art), Caleigh Petersen (visual art), Aspen Abernathy (visual art),  Patrick McCann (literature), Ryan Bomes (photography), Gia Pappa (Dance), Fiore?. 

Bill Harley night- Karen DeRoche

·       Bill Harley will perform for families on April 25th at Dighton- Rehoboth high school.  Families need to reserve tickets ahead of time with the number that will be attending.  There is also ice cream social following performance.

Talent Show- Erin Baer

·       Both shows are full.

·       The M.C. will be Sean.

·       There will be a rehearsal on May 4th, followed by the performances on May 5th.

·       Lori Rossi is finding cost effective, nut free ice cream options for the night.

Boosterthon- Susan Bogosian

·       There will be a meeting for Boosterthon for the end of the month.

Available Positions-Karen De Roche

·       The following positions are available for next year; Vice President for Beckwith, Spirit Wear, Treasurer,  and Box Tops which Holly Kucinski will take over. It is the end of Karen’s term but she will stay on as President as needed.

Medeiros family- Jennifer Moitoso

·       A donation bucket was set up during the 3 plays for Shane and Mackenzie Medeiros family whom recently lost their father.  $1500.00 was earned at Beckwith Dress Down along with $880.00 from families attending the Peter Pan performances and $330 in gift cards from staff at Palmer River. Thank you to everyone for their support.


A motion to adjourn meeting was unanimously accepted a 7:20

March 2017 minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA

3/7/2017 6:40 PM | Meeting called to order by Karen DeRoche

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the February, 2017 meeting were read and approved.


Principal’s Report

Mrs. Dubois gave Palmer River report.

·       Thanked PTSA for Book Fair.

·       Fourth graders were visited from the New Bedford Symphony for a unit with culmination at the Zieterion theatre.

·       School lock down was practiced this month, including Get Safe and sit, which involves students sitting with their teacher.  Support was provided by the Rehoboth Police.

·       Sparky’s puppets performed for the kindergarten.

·       Bren Bataclan will paint a Steam inspired theme with the fourth graders.

·       Len Cabral shared some story telling.

·       Sunday April 9th, will be a Bruins Hockey night.  Palmer River students will sing the anthem.

Mr.Pirraglia gave Beckwith Middle School Report.

·       Kevin Robinson performed for the whole school, promoting attributes such as kindness and team work.

·       March is middle school appreciation month.  Teachers share what they appreciate about the kids along with pictures of themselves in middle school.  Kids share what they want adults to know. 

·       Upcoming activities include: spirit week with international day, Blue and white day, and teacher versus student’s basketball game. Other events are Peter Pan Jr. on 3/24, 3/25 and 3/26, the Steamposium on 3/25, project 351’s clothing drive on 3/27 and the MCAS on 4/3.

·       The Robotic team has several fundraisers including a Lion’s Club donation of $600, a gift card raffle, a Chili’s night, a Ronin Jijitsu class offering and a Stop and Shop table.


Erin Baer gave the treasurer’s report.

·       Budget Activity includes Palmer River Valentines for teacher appreciation, auction postage, Hillside deposit and enrichment of K-Rob and Len Cabral from Beckwith and Palmer River.

·       Other incoming activity included $85.00 from Amazon smile.

·       Check request for invoices need to be filled out to show where they are coming from.


Committee Reports

Auction- Susan Bogosian

·       Auction is moving along with collection of basket tonight and set up tomorrow.

Book Fair-Nancy Breault

·       Book fair earnings were in the 10,000 range, which was slightly less than last year.

Box Tops-Tina

·       Box Tops not going as well.  Kids are not bringing in as many.

·       Mrs. Dubois said previous money earned from this was used to purchase the carts which store the Chrome Books.

·       Entries are due in November and March.

·       A new person is needed for this position.



·       A Steamposium will be held March 25th from 10-2.  This is a family event to be held at the high school.

·       Rehoboth PTSA has been recognized for Just Join Drive to boost membership.

·       Susan also nominated Mrs.Miguel and Mrs.DuBois for outstanding principal and assistant principal of the year.  This will be recognized at the state PTA banquet.

·       This year the Rehoboth PTSA should have 5 voting members at the state convention.

·       Jennifer Moitoso shared possible dates of May 22 to 26 for Beckwith Bookfair.

·       Susan Bogosian and Mr.Pirraglia shared possibilities for finding a relevant speaker for the seventh and eighth grade students.

·       Nancy Breault asked for a letter to send to members regarding open positions for next year, which include

Palmer River Book Fair, teacher appreciation luncheon and Box Tops in addition to any others

Motion to Adjourn

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:15 and accepted.

PTSA May Minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA Minutes May10 2017


The minutes were read from April 2017 meeting and approved.

Principal’s Report

Karen DeRoche noted that principal/vice principal of Palmer River will not be in attendance as special presentation for Educator of the Year honoring Dr. Azar and Mrs. Kennon is being held that same night.  An update was sent from Mrs. Dubois to be read.

Beckwith Middle School Mr.Pirraglia

·       As of tomorrow all Math and ELA MCAS will be finished followed by science the next week.  The change to taking test on computer has worked out well.

·       Daniel DeRoche was principal of day before April Vacation.

·       April was Autism awareness month.

·       Students raised money for American Heart Association, Autism Awareness, and Boston Strong.

·       Over $1,000 was raised for the Rehoboth Food Pantry by participating in a readathon.

·       Book Fair is set for the week of the 22nd.  A summer reading list will be supplied at this time.

·       A debate meet with Berkley Middle School was held.

·       A chorus concert is set for June 5th.

·       The Band concert for June 8th has been moved to June 12th.

Guest Presentation

Arts in the Village- Carolyn Panofsky

·       This organization has been in Rehoboth for 28 years and may have available workshops for students.

·       A concert season is held every year and operates as part of nonprofit antiquarian society.

·       Organization is operated by volunteers.  An artistic director finds groups to be scheduled on calendar

·       Tickets sold along with Rehoboth Cultural Grant money helps run events.

·       The New Haven String quartet is offering workshops to be held in school or after school for 3rd , 4th and fifth graders.  One example is Musical Petting Zoo.

·       Carolyn has handout about costs and possibilities for funding event.

·       There are hopes the children would get excited about events and bring parents to concerts at Goff Hall. Bringing Kids and families to the concert would help broaden audience and give children more of a chance to explore music.

Treasurer’s Report- Erin Baer

·       Erin went over monthly account noting pending donation from restaurant of month, additions from membership dues and costs of Beckwith Basketball hoops coming in lower than expected.  See handout.

Committee Reports

Erin Baer- Talent Show

·       The talent show had 14 and 15 acts which the Kids did a great job on.

·       Sean Urban was MC.

·       Evan Dwyer, a college student and graduate of DR worked on the audio and sound.

·       Ice Cream for Sundaes was from Bliss Dairy; the Sundaes were a hit.

·       Laura Simon and Erin are hoping to pass on chair position of this event for next year.


Susan Bogosian- Boosterthon

·       June 8th is date of Boosterthon.  Paperwork for it will go out on May 3oth, 31st and rally will be held on May 31st.

·       Mr.Pirraglia inquired times of field use because forms would have to be filed. The field will be from 7 until 4.   The event will not require any more parent volunteers.

Beckwith Book Fair-Jenn Moitoso

·       Book Fair will be held May 22nd through May 26th, with set up on Friday the 19th. 

·       The first day will be mostly to preview books.  Students can attend 10:15 to 1:15.  There will be no after school hours.

Other Business

Fourth Grade Step up Picnic.

Member asked about possibility of 4th grade picnic to be coordinated with Step up Day, including Hamburgers and Hot dogs and disc jockey.  Mr.Pirraglia provided schedule and setup for day which included snack at Beckwith with children being split into groups and touring 6 different spaces in the school.  They would meet up with 5th grade buddy for snack. 


Elizabeth McCann inquired about election process.  There would be several positions with 2 candidates and nominees can make speeches before vote.

Thank you

Mr. Pirraglia thanks PTSA for helping putting teacher luncheon together.  The raffles and basket for the principal were awesome.

A motion to adjourn was made at 7:15 and unanimously passed.



February 2017 Minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA Minutes

February 8, 2017                   

The meeting was called to order at 6:35PM by Karen DeRoche.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were read from the January 11, 2017, meeting and approved.

Principal’s Report-Mrs.Miguel

·       Brett Bataclan is scheduled on March 27th for 4th grade.

·       Support is appreciated for children’s enrichment programs including the ballet, symphony, Museum of Science and author visits.

·       The teachers are adopting a new reading program which hopefully budget will support.   Reading programs should be switched every 5 years and the current one is 8 to 10 years old. Teachers are enriching program with trade books to use with Common Core.


·       On January 14th, the robotics team competed, and out of 40 teams, team Furocious was invited to the University of Arkansas Competition, which is international.  If able, students will visit and stay on the campus to participate in competition.

·       On January 27th there was a math team meet.

·       On January 7th there was Geography Bee where 7th graders Ryan Gallagher and Julian Souza participated.

·       Miss Fuletra the art teacher has students participating in the Smarts Art Show where work will be displayed at the Fuller Craft Museum.

·       The fifth graders received a letter with pictures back from Barack Obama in reply to one they had sent.

·       3 performances of Peter Pan will take place on March 24th and25th..

·       Kevin Robinson, a champion BMX biker will make presentations on Wednesday, 2/15/17, at 8:15 and 9:15am.

·       Susan Bogosian questioned if there were any decisions made on future presentations suggesting to look at links on National PTSA website.

Treasurer’s Report- Erin Baer

·       Money for Good Welfare was used for Police and Fire Department gifts.

·       Money from Enrichment was used to pay for Storyteller Cabral and down payment to Brent Bataclan. 

Money from dance and boy’s choice will be transferred to Family Fun Nights.

·       Money was used to purchase ribbons for Reflections. 

·       Money which was overpaid to Spirit Wear was received back.

Committee Reports-

Auction- Susan Bogosian

·       Solicitation letters will be sent out in 2 weeks looking for donations.

·       A flyer went out today to both Palmer River and Beckwith.

·       Help is needed with calls and follow up in addition to contributing to class room baskets.

Book Fair- Traci Cady

·       Book fair will be held the week after vacation, including a preview day and a night open to parents.

·       .There is an online sign up for volunteers.

·       Jennifer Moitoso noted that Beckwith Book fair will be held on the 1st week of May.

USA Skates Night- Nancy Breault

·       150 skaters attended with many more not skating.  $158.00 was made at this event.


·       Mrs. Dubois could not be present but passed on information that ribbons of excellence were awarded.  The next step will be to proceed to State level.  Entries are on display outside of library for viewing.  She wished to send thanks for assistance and participation.

Talent Show – Erin Baer

·       The talent show is scheduled for May 5th which is Friday.

·       There are hopes that Doug Kelley will MC but we might need to proceed without him.

·       It will be held at Beckwith this year.

·       We are trying to reach Evan Dwyer to provide audio.

Dance Proposal- Valerie Carey

·       Karen DeRoche noted several groups were working on a solution.  The Board has looked over this one and is supportive.

·       Dates are set on Saturday nights so they don’t interfere. Mrs. Miguel commended those who put this proposal together.  She noted this was affordable, fun, grade appropriate.  Thank you.

·       Jennifer Moitoso was looking into how 50/50 split would work with $12.00 admission and $2.00 attributed to food.  Karen DeRoche noted that raising money is not priority with event, but helpful because it will offset money taken away from auction because of scheduled dates.

·       Valerie said dates were chosen because of availability but will look into April15th which is close to Easter. A deposit will not be required.  Flyers will address financial hardship concerns can be addressed to Mrs. Miguel and will be deducted from event proceeds. Tickets are paid for at the door. They do need volunteers on March 25th. A logo is needed to be used in the photo booth.

·       Susan asked if there is dress code for flyer with final approval.  While it could be casual, party wear was suggested.

Other Business-Mr.Pirraglia

·       He would like to discuss with executive board and Mr. Kenney about raising money for Robotics trip travel costs.  A raffle for the Stem Symposium was an example.  Suggestions mentioned were Lolli pop sales or creating Go Fund Me page. Jennifer Moitoso noted that success with this was less likely because of so many people using it. 

Elizabeth McCann-Auction Baskets

·       Elizabeth asked about when the requests for classroom auction baskets would be going out which was determined to be this week.

A motion to Adjourn at 7:05was made and approved.



January 2017 Minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA Minutes

January 11, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 6:30PM by Karen DeRoche.

Principal’s Report

Mrs. Dubois

* Grade level in house enrichment activities have begun including New Bedford Symphony Orchestra, Our Earth Exploration, Building Bridges Workshop Museum of Science, Len Cabral returning next month.

* 90 Chromebooks obtained through grant.


* Percussion and Chorus concert was a success and standing room only for attendants.

* The debate team has its first meeting and practice on the 24th. .

* Beckwith has students participating in the geography bee and the robotics league championship held at Roger Williams University

* Jennifer Moitoso has arranged for a CPR unit to be taught in the eighth grade health classes.

* Kevin Robinson, a champion BMX biker will make a presentation to all grades regarding anti bullying, effort and work, etc.in February.

* The band concert will be held at the high school on January 18th.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were read from the December 14, 2016, meeting and approved.

Committee Reports-

Auction- Susan Bogosian

* The auction is scheduled for Friday March 10th at Hillcrest.

* Solicitation letters to businesses will go out during the third week of January.

Library volunteer request- Karen DeRoche

* Ms. Mack from the Beckwith Library is looking for 4 to 5 helpers to help in the library’s transition over to SAILS.

USA Skates-Nancy Breault

* There is a tentative date set for Thursday February 2nd open to both Palmer River and Beckwith from 6:00 to 8:30.

Bill Harley Family night- Mrs. Dubois

* This is tentative for Tuesday, April 25th at 6:30 in the high school auditorium. This fun night for the family will sell tickets that are an optional donation to food pantry. Tickets are required to make sure of attendance numbers. Doug Kelly will provide the sound system.

Reflections- Mrs. Dubois

* There are 24 entries which are to be judged next Friday.

* PTSA members are invited to help judge using a rubric and score sheet provided for the contest.

* Next steps include awarding prizes and preparing to move up to the state level.

PEG grants- Wendi DeClercq

* Applications were collected at the end of last year. There was a great response and many proposals to choose from.

* The criteria in choosing included how many students will be impacted, if it enhances curriculum and whether this is a 1 time request.

* 6 applications were approved. These included requests from Mrs. Neville, Miss Lczynski, Mrs.Klinkhammer and Mr.Kepnes. There is an additional request that is recommended for approval for Ms. McNutt at Beckwith, but as this requires additional funding a line increase will be needed. Susan Bogosian motions for this request which is seconded and approved.

* Erin Baer recommends that this request be allocated from enrichment. The administration and good welfare line has remaining funds from holiday baskets. This can be used along with the rest to come from Enrichment funds from Beckwith. Mr. Pirraglia approved this request.

Treasurer’s Report- Erin Baer.

* Deposits were made for the Bookfair.

* Dance funds should move over to the family event.

* Bill Harley was paid; proceeds from book signing.

* A deposit for the Boosterthon in June was made.

* Membership and spirit wear have had some additional activity.

Karen DeRoche.-Boys and Girl’s Dances

Karen shared statement regarding feedback leading to the cancellation of dances. Attendees were thanked for coming out. This was a collective decision as the dance was no longer aligning with PTSA goals. Every child, one voice needs to be considered in all we do. Issues with these events have been discussed with administration and concerned parents, in addition to the PTSA state level leaders. It is no longer acceptable to sponsor events that are inaccessible to many. PTSA is an advocacy group.

Parents questioned whether this decision was based on more financial issues or gender and the concern with decisions of holding event being related to political correctness. Much discussion ensued regarding these concerns.

Alternatives may be posed but must consider and address accessibility, inclusivity and affordability issues. Event form must be completed addressing space, attendance, volunteer needs, parking, fire/police, parking etc, to be presented at a meeting and updates given at meeting leading up to the event if accepted. If grade level/in school event is proposed, then administration/faculty would need to be present at event. Mrs. Dubois offered support to the board and to planning efforts, noting the next step would be to propose an inclusive event with space and affordability consideration.

A motion to adjourn was made by Karen De Roche at 7:45pm and was seconded and accepted.


December 2016 minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA Minutes

December 13, 2016               

The meeting was called to order at 6:30PM by Karen DeRoche.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were read from the November 16, 2016, meetings and approved.

Principal’s Report

Mrs. Miguel-

·       Report cards will go out on Friday.

·       Mrs. Miguel thanked the PTSA for Bill Harley; He was at Palmer River for 2 days and it was a huge success.

·       In January, the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra will work with the fourth graders coming to work in their class.  This will culminate with a field trip to the symphony.  The topic is gravity which is related to their curriculum.  Last year, the second graders experienced this but the long bus drive seemed to be a challenge.

·       The Holiday Singalong will be held on December 23rd.



·       November was a great month.

·       Mr. Kenny and the Lego League  went into the State Competition which was held at the Ricci Middle School. 

·       Out of 19 participating schools, Team Fur-ocus received first place overall.  Team Partridges won for the product app. Category. 

·       In January the 7th and 8th grade students will participate in the soccer team banner ceremony as the Massasoit League Champions.  They have also been recognized by the school committee.

·       Beckwith has completed their can drive. 

·       December 19th the chorus and percussion concert will be held. 

·       On Wednesday February 15th, Kevin Robinson, a champion BMX biker will make a presentation to all grades regarding anti bullying, effort and work, etc.

Karen De Roche introduces Dr.Azar


Treasurer’s Report- Erin Baer.

·       Traci Cady has filed the taxes.

·       Insurance has been paid.

·       The cost of the 3rd grade projectors will be moved to the good will line item.

·       The website has renewed and PTSA will reimburse Mr. Pearse.

·       The 5k made over $6000.

·       A deposit for Boosterthon will be paid out.

·       The final cost for the Haunted Hallway is $1000.00

·       Jennifer Moitoso deposited $200 from raffle tickets and donations at  the book fair.


Committee Reports-

Karen DeRoche.-Boys and Girl’s Dances

·       There is concern that the dances don’t line up with what the PTSA stand for.

·       This could be changed into family night instead.  Bill Harley has offered to have concert.

·       Mrs. Dubois says this could be a nice community event which could be held at the high school to accommodate required space.

·       Elizabeth McCann asked if both dances would be replaced that parents are notified in advance.

·       Karen DeRoche stated this should move forward to all-inclusive instead of separate events.

·       Nancy Breault commented about the need to send this message because this is a big event to a lot of girls.  Some have purchased outfits already.

Reflections- Mrs. Dubois

·       Art teacher will remind students in art class.

·       She has only seen a snippet of entries, materials were sent home.

·       Entries are due the Friday after return from break.

PEG Grants- Karen DeRoche

·       The Application process is ongoing.

Providence Bruins Family Night-Karen DeRoche

·       The date for this event is January 20th.

Other Business-

Thank you Mrs. Mack- 

·       This has been the most successful book fair to date at Beckwith.   She wished to thank the volunteers and say how grateful she was for their work. 

·       Sales increased from $2,554 last year to $4,028 this year.

·       There has been a climate change in the library; students are able to use it much more and are looking and talking about books and series they like.

·       She wishes to thank parents for new open space in library.

Mr.Pirraglia- Police and Fire Department Appreciation

·       2 lock downs have been held and 6 officers have come in as support.

·       Fire Fighter Randy has acted as detail to every event and doesn’t charge school.  He also works on fire safety with students.

·       He wondered if they could be sent a gift to show the school’s appreciation.

·       Karen DeRoche noted will look at budget and send some type of arrangement such as fruit or confections on behalf of Palmer River and Beckwith.

A motion to adjourn was made by Karen DeRoche at  and was seconded and accepted.








November 2016 minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA Minutes

November 9, 2016                 

The meeting was called to order at 6:30PM by Karen DeRoche.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were read from the October 1, 2016, meetings and approved.

Principal’s Report

Mrs. Miguel-

·       MCAS had results with perfect Scores including perfect math scores.  These students included Penny Braga, Louis Butler, Cyrus, Charles Roth and Isabelle Silvie.  Math scores with the new math program reduced the number of students in Needs improvement category.  Grade four math students increased from 41% to 55% proficient.  Teacher and students are credited for their hard work.


·       MCAS went up slightly and Perfect Scores were achieved by 6th grader Aiden Basset,  8th grader Christopher Pike (Math), and 8th grader Mason Mello.

·       Picture Day was held October 24th.

·       The lip synch contest was held on October 27th.  Victoria Richardson was the host and the winners were Iris Fratus and Angel Correia.  Teachers also participated with A Ghostbusters number.

·       Firefighter Randy presented his program “Dream Fetchers” about the training of dogs to be in movies.

·       Quarter Ends tomorrow for report cards.

·       The Book Fair will be running next week.

Treasurers Report- Erin Baer

·       The  5k has invoices that we are still waiting for but figures are looking good.

·       Book Fair broke even.

·       Some enrichment funds were spent.

·       USA skates earned $70.00.

·       The Color Run total was $4,379.00.

·       The Jack Fest earned $1200.00

·       Spirit Wear was also earning.

·       Susan Bogosian commented that the color run did not make as much as the original.

·       Karen DeRoche noted that membership is up to 83.

Committee Reports

·       Jenn Omerod – 5 k update

·       We are waiting on totals for online registration which is not in but the number of participants was smaller this year. 186 were registered.

·       The committee did increase the cost and decrease the spending so that with less than half there was still a good profit.

·       Karen DeRoche added that the comment s pertaining to registration were about   how polished and smooth the process was.

·       Mr.Pirraglia thanked Jenn Omerod and Jared  for so much work put into thisevent.

Jack O’Lantern Festival- Susan Bogosian

·       Figures totaled $1200 for the festival.

·       Susan says it will switch up a bit next year.  Susan wished to thank all the helpers.

Boy’s Dance- 

·       Karen DeRoche said the discussion of this would be tabled until next meeting when organizers would be in attendance.

Reflections- Mrs. Miguel

·       The process to get this contest started has begun.

PEG Grants- Wendy

·       The budget for this event is $5,500.00.

·       Applications will be available next Monday, November 14th.  They will be sent to principals who will deliver electronically to teachers.

·       These are due December 9th and winning grants will be announced at the January meeting.

·       Susan Bogosian reminds that faculty must be a PTSA member to get a grant.

Restaurant of the Month- Karen DeRoche

·       The restaurant of the month is Rosie’s Market.

Beckwith Book Fair Jenn Moitoso

·       This will be held throughout the week from 10:00 to 1:30 and during parent teacher conferences.

Reminder-Erin Baer-

·       If a check request is needed quickly, email works best.

Motion to adjourn was made at 6:52 and was passed unanimously.

October 2016 minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA Minutes

October 12, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Karen DeRoche at 6:00.

Principals Report

·       .Mrs.DuBois

·       The Reflections contest will be held again this year; there are any roles that can be signed up for.  Last year PTSA members helped with judging.

·       The MCAS letters were sent home today.  This year Palmer River is a level 2 school.  Teachers can be credited for their hard work so students could build needed skills.

·       The heat in the building was on today.

·       Mrs.Dubois saw portable gates to replace the netting on the playgrounds from a business closing and selling their equipment at a good price.  She would like to purchase 6.

·       Mr.Pirraglia

·       Beckwith Middle School is off to a great start with a bash, a dance and the Color Run. 

·       A fire drill was held with fast evacuation.  There will be an announced lockdown next week.

·       The 5th and 6th graders will attend a PTSA sponsored presentation about growth mindset.  The importance of and permission to make mistakes will be reflected on.  This will be held on October 19th in the gym from 9:15 to 10:45.

·       Some ACE programs have started this week.  Others will begin next week providing there are the 9 kids signed up that are necessary to run a class.

·       Mr.Pirraglia introduced Scott Abrahamson from Bravo Music to talk about their music program and work as an advocate in Arts education.  Literature with more information about this was handed out.

Committee Reports

·       Miss. Omerod- 5K The race will be held on November 6th rain or shine.   Registration needs to be pushed for success.  More volunteers are needed. 

·       There are some changes this year.  There will be no Dunk Tank or Snow cone Machine but other games will be substituted.  There will be face painting and an obstacle course. 

·       Sponsors are needed and any over $100.00 will be included on the t-shirt.

·       Fall Festival- Susan Bogosian- Susan inquired to Mr.Piragglia to whom the contact person for the Washington Trip would be.  Mr.Pirraglia referred to Melissa Bielenchuk , an eigth grade teacher.

·       Susan said pumpkins were sold last week, yesterday and today.  They have almost sold out.

·       There are two horse drawn wagons for the hayride, along with games and snacks in the cafeteria. 

·       Jennifer Moitoso-Color Run There are no numbers yet as pay pal may not have been set up.  Susan Bogosian said Color Run will take away the need for Coupon books and catalog sales which was the goal. 

·       Membership-Membership is up to 60.  To take away from peoples hesitancy to join PTSA because of time constraints and such, the group created a “Just Join “Motto, which says that joining is just as important as attending meetings. Mrs.Dubois will put in information into teachers mail box to help drive membership. 

·       Rehoboth PTSA Facebook Page- Susan Bogosian- This page will be strictly updates.  Photos will be kept away from.  The Administrators to this page will be Karen DeRoche, Susan Bogosian and Nellie Lima.

·       Book Fair-Traci Cady- The Palmer River Scholastic Book Fair raised $2500.00 in Scholastic Dollars which was less than last fall.  Open House was an exceptionally quiet night.  Teachers were each given $50.00 in the fall instead of the $25.00 in fall and spring.  The specialists and co teachers will receive theirs in the spring. 

·       Box Tops- Tina Tina inquired about pizza party for each grade that collected the most.  Mrs. Dubois suggested other options such as homework passes and extra recess.  She will discuss with Mrs. Hutson, the school nurse as students have many food allergies and the school may be moving in the direction of Food Free celebrations.

·       Budget- Erin Baer-  Erin says she will go over budget line by line and then return to specific items after it is read.  (This can be examined more closely in proposed budget which was handed out.) Following Erin’s presentation of budget, Nancy Breault requested to raise the USA skate amount from $100.00 to $200.00 as there is a facility rental fee.  Nancy Breault makes motion to   raise amount.  Motion is seconded and approved. Karen DeRoche asks if there are any more questions for budget and makes motion to approve.  Motion is seconded and approved.   Mr.Pirraglia thanked the PTSA for the increased support.  Mrs.Dubois asks to go back to the safety gates.  Erin Baer says that instead of increasing line item it is recommended to take the funds of $150.00 for 6 gates out of the principal’s account.


Motion to adjourn was made at 7:26 and was passed unanimously.

PTSA March Meeting Minutes

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March meeting notes attached.

February 3, 2016 PTSA minutes

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