January 2019 minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA Meeting January 9, 2019

Palmer River Library

Call to Order by Susan Bogosian at 6:34pm

I.  Review of December Meeting Minutes

Minutes amended by omitting the words “without receipt” under Staff Appreciation Issue.  Minutes will read, “After much discussion Jennifer Moitoso proposes and Traci Cady seconds a motion to vote on payment, 10 voted in favor of paying, 2 against”.  

Minutes are approved.

II.  Treasurer report

November bank statement is not available to review, report given is current through the end of Oct 2018.

Staples invoice submitted for flyers/copies made, will be split between three committees. 

Due to incomplete paperwork submitted to Treasurer for reimbursement requests, there have been times it is unclear which committees/events the funds should be attached to.  Susan B asks that all check requests and deposit forms be submitted with proper paperwork going forward.  It was suggested a line be added to the Deposit Form to more clearly state the name of committee/event for deposit. 

III.  Principal Reports

Mrs. Miguel reports an increase in planned events for both adults and children.   On 1/18 PRES will participate in “What would you like to become”, an event encouraging ideas of future careers.  On 1/23 schools have an Early Dismissal, faculty will be working on midyear assessments, will delve into results for reviews and discuss challenges.  On 1/25 the Bridges Program will present to Grade 2 students.  This program is run through the Museum of Science and teaches problem solving skills through the task of building bridges.  On 2/1 students are encouraged to dress in their team apparel in preparation for the Superbowl. During the week of 2/4 students will create Valentine Cards for local seniors.  The week of 2/11 is Spirit Week with more details to come. 

Mr. Shea announced a BMS Dance scheduled for this Friday.  Activities will include a Snowball fight, and a Picture Booth for students.  On 1/15 BMS students will participate in the Geography Bee.  On 2/12 two BMS Robotics teams will compete at Roger Williams University.  In December students had the opportunity to participate in the Budgeting Buddies Program, educating students in skills such as how to save money and balance a checkbook.  On 1/23, Early Dismissal day, BMS Faculty will participate in trainings within departments. 

IV.  Committee Reports

Jenn M. reports on 1/24 the Book Club will meet at Hillside Country Club to discuss the book, “You Are Not Special”. 

Jenn M. reports Rehoboth PTSA Ski Club at BMS is up and running, 29 students are registered, several parents have volunteered to chaperone. 

Karen D. reports on 1/26 the P Bruins Night at the Dunkin Donuts Center. 

Karen D. reports on 2/8 String Quartet will perform at BMS for 4th and 5th grade students.

Nancy B. reports on 2/7 USA Skate Event, includes free hot fudge sundaes.

Reflections Art Contest for all PRES and BMS students, information has been sent out to families.  Judges will be at PRES on 1/23 to preview entries. 

As stated in our Bylaws we must organize a Nominating Committee to assist in filling open Board Positions and Committee Chair Positions.  Information will be sent out in January. 

Susan B. reports the Silent Auction is in the beginning phase of planning and will continue to look for a venue.  Jenn M. will reach out to Five Bridge Inn to check on dates available. 

V.  New Business

Traci C. reports the Rehoboth PTSA website being down, information and recent posts had been deleted.   Susan B. and Traci C. will look into this further and email Mr. Pearse.

Kate C. discussed starting a Lego’s /Robotics program at PRES.  Mrs. Miguel shared that STEAM teacher has been planning something such as this.  Kate suggested having a Lego drive to help with materials necessary for this program. 

Nikki G. shared the idea of researching Bee Grants for the PRES property.  The comfortability and safety of having bees on school grounds was discussed.  It was felt by a few that it would be best to look into a Butterfly Garden. 


June 2018 minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA Minutes  June 13, 2018  

Meeting called to order 6:30  pm by Susan Bogosian, President 
Meeting Minutes: Susan Bogosian, President -  
Minutes from May 2018 -  minutes  reviewed, motion to approve/seconded &  unanimously accepted.  

Principals’ Reports:   
1) PRES / Arlene Miguel:   Mrs. Miguel expressed thank you for PTSA’s support of all the  programs occurring this year and for all that we do. PTSA has enriched the classrooms  and culture at the school and everyone is so grateful.  Field day is planned for 6/19/18.  

2) BMS / Joseph Pirraglia:  Mr. Pirraglia also expressed thank you for all the program  support. Field trips have concluded except for Canobie Lake with the 8th graders. Chris  Herron’s program was very well received; it was a very powerful, great presentation.  Membership learned that the cost for such was donated back to the unit. Discussed  several plans for a permanent celebration of his message, more to follow. The Fusion  Dance was well attended and thank you to PTSA for supporting the dance, providing  snacks. Step up day is planned for 4th graders on 6/14/18 and Grade 5 book sale same  day. Promotional ceremony 6/21/18 for 8th graders and Field Day 6/21/18.   

Treasurer’s Report: Holly Kucinski -      activity continues in PRES/BMS due to field trips,  etc. Dances grossed more than $2000 total.  Treasurer’s report submitted and accepted by  members.     

Committee Updates:   
1) Fun Run:  Great turn out/fun. Approx. $22,000 profit expected. Kids loved the character  building lessons. Discussion to renegotiating prize incentives.   
2) Beckwith Book Fair:  went well; $1943.12 in Scholastic Dollars earned, consistent with last  year. Looking at Fall dates to schedule.  
3) Staff  Appreciation:   PRES:  Events went well/all items were donated; thank you to parents  who were very generous.   BMS:  again events went very well and much appreciated by staff.  Parents and volunteer support was great and we are thankful.  
4) Book Club  -   was a great session. Looking to plan more during the summer months for the  upcoming year that are theme based to produce conversation.  
5) Talent Show:  went great; having it on a Thursday worked well for all involved and having  one show was more manageable. Parent feedback has been very positive.  
6) Used Book Sale:   Planned for last week of school during school hours for students.   
7) Volunteer Recognition:  Susan recognized many of the volunteers who have gone above  and beyond this year serving as Committee Chairs and Committee Members.  Certificates  of Appreciation were handed out.   You know who you are! Thank you!!!   
New Business:  
1) New Baseball Player Benches:   Update requested. Mr. Patrick still pursuing and  will update at later date.   
2) Color Run & 5K discussions:   Will start to look at alternative options to Color Run  this year and discuss further this summer. Membership would also like to resume  planning of 5K this year and will look into venues, timing, committees, etc.  

Motion/2nd to adjourn @ 7:40pm. Unanimously passed.    Next Meeting: 2018/2019 schedule TBA 

March Minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA Minutes

March 14, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 PM by Jennifer Moitoso.

·      Minutes from February’s Meeting were read. Nancy Breault motioned to approve.  Motion was seconded.

Principal’s Report

 Mrs. Arlene Miguel- Palmer River Elementary

·      Mrs.Miguel thanked PTSA for Auction.

·      Book fair went along with a successful reading week, including celebrity readers and a book walk. Speakers included representatives from the Big Blue Bug and the Cardi Bros.

·      A well-deserved award celebration was held for Mrs.Dubois.

·      High Tech, high touch presented an in house science field trip/presentation.

·      Report Cards will go out on March, 23rd.

Mr. Joseph Pirraglia- Beckwith Middle School

·      The auction was a lot of fun and included Beckwith Table.

·      Alladin Jr.is held this weekend.  Times are 7:00on Friday and Saturday and a 2:00 matinee on Sunday.  Lori Rossi made costumes for the cast.

·      Sam Brown placed in state level geography bee.

·      Kylie Hillier won in a poster contest for Peace.

·      Dr.Seuss’s birthday was recognized and 5th graders had chance to stop and read in hallways.

·      A faculty basketball game is being planned.

·      A fundraiser for Super Olympics which includes “Polar Plunge” is created.

·      The wheel financed by PTSA has been used with fundraisers.  Lots of money has been raised by giving students chance to put pie in principal’s face.

·      The trimester is ending on Friday and the term right before April.

Treasurer’s report-Holly Kucinski

·      Holly shared the most recent budget updates including enrichment totals.  Mrs.Miguel mentioned that Brent Bataclan was very costly.

Lap top purchase request. 

·      Jennifer Moitoso presented Susan Bogosian’s statement requesting the consideration of purchasing a lap top for PTSA use, specifically treasurer.   These reasons included the concerns of using personal computer with personal files and information and using up large amounts of memory space for programs which require that, such as quick books.  There is a$100.00 amazon gift card which could be used in addition to other allotted money.  A quorum was not present so Jennifer Moitoso said it will be tabled until next meeting.

Mr.Pearce’s request

·      Jennifer Moitoso presented a request by Mr. Pearce to fund $1,100 for tech project.  Recently all classes had been updated in K through 4, except the specialists.  This will have to be decided at membership next meeting because of quorum.  Jenn ask to consider the criteria of grant request including how many students will benefit and how sustainable.  Mrs. Miguel noted this request did not go to her as it should go back to school budget.

Auction-Jennifer Moitoso

·      The auction was great by selling 75 tickets plus additional sold at door. A profit of over $8000.00 was made.  There were more teachers’ donations from Beckwith this year, including a painting in memory of Mrs.Souza who had passed away.  The winning bid on this would be split between GEMMA, which helps in the fight against Breast Cancer.  It was asked if time of year affects attendance and could a different date be helpful.  Arlene noted the hard work and frazzled organizers. Jenn Moitoso spoke of possibility of switching it up with a new venue instead of Hillside. The possibility of a golf tournament or auction baskets with other event.  It was brought up how stressful coming up with gift baskets could be, especially for the room mother’s which are usually stuck with the brunt of.  Kara noted into looking into “Bidding for Good”. Kate Cheropowich noted going to Audobon Society who donated when she was planning to purchase.  A running list of donations was discussed so businesses were not solicited multiple times.

Book Fair- Jennifer Moitoso

·      The book fair was well received.  It was good to have a teacher as chair and went along well with literacy week.  Kara noted volunteers did not sign up through Scholastic website.

Book Club- Mr.Pirraglia

·      Book Club will be held on March 23rd at Toto’s in Seekonk.  The book discussed is “Quiet Power- the Power of Introvert Kid’s”.

Eye’s on Owl’s Kate Cherepowich

·      Kate talked about the possibility of being on May 4th, which is day before Grade 1 dance.  In Westport this was a big fundraiser.  Mrs.Miguel noted this being on hold because of large big.  There is possibility of making this a family friendly event combined with used book sale.

Talent Fair-Kate Cherepowich

·      Kate discusses possibility of changing the stage so both shows can be held on same day.  Former chair Laura Simon planned this way because there was not enough room in cafeteria and coordinating intermission with Ice Cream could be tricky.  Mrs. Miguel suggests limiting acts to 20 and offering cookies instead as another option.

Harlem Globe Trotters- Jenn Moitoso

·      This will be held Saturday March 31st at 2.  It is suggested combining announcement with basketball teams as whole teams may attend.

Other-April 2nd vote- Kate Cherepowich

·      Kate is concerned about attendance of vote and wonders if we can send email reminder with statement of what we support.

·      Member asks about teacher appreciation week and whether Beckwith and Palmer River will be held on same date.  This will be put on agenda for next meeting.

Motion is made to adjourn meeting at 7:30 and seconded by Nancy Breault.


May Minutes

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Minutes attached

April Minutes

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April Minutes attached

February 2018 minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA Meeting Minutes

February 7,2018


Meeting called to order at 6:35pm by Susan Bogosian, President

January 2018 Meeting Minutes were approved, motion made by Arlene Miguel, seconded by Kara  Svendsen

Principal Report by Arlene Miguel:

-Thank you for the Bren Bataclan mural, mural theme was STEAM.

-Cookie and Book Night was a success.

-Future presentations at PRES will include the Zoo Mobile for Kindergarten and Iguana Show for Grades 1 and 4.

- Reading Week is planned for 2/26-3/2 will include Book walks, door decorating, Len Cabral Story Teller, and Book basket raffles Each day will have a “Surprise” Guest Reader. 

March 7 Celebration for Mrs. DuBois as Assistant Principal of the Year

The MA PTA Convention will be held on April 7, 2018.  At the convention Reflection Awards will be presented. 


Committee Reports:

-Tenth Annual Silent Auction will be held on March 9th at Hillside Country Club.  Mrs. McPartland’s Trio Band has been invited to provide entertainment. 

-Scholastic Books is offering a cash register training at PRES on 2/25 for all book fair volunteers.  Mrs. Placido and Christine Darling are co-chairs at PRES and will disseminate the info next week.  Literacy Night is being held during PRES Book Fair on Tues and Wed evening for Grades 1 and 2.  The manner in which Scholastic Dollars are spent will be discussed further with Executive Board and Principals.  There has been discussion among parents of books offered at Fall and Spring fairs.  One offering Usborne books which bring more non-fiction titles and Scholastic books which bring more fiction novels. 

-Box tops must be turned in by March 1st.

-Child Choice Dance dates are K-1 4/7, Gr 2-3, 4/28, and Gr 4 5/5.  Question was asked if we could hold event across 2 nights rather than 3? Susan will follow up with Committee Chairs to discuss this further. 

-Providence Bruins Event will be on 4/15 at 3pm, PRES Gr 4 chorus will sing at the game.  There is a Fan Appreciation Signing of Autographs, BMS band or chorus to sing or play the National Anthem.  There will be a tour of arena or a scavenger hunt for those in attendance.  Cost is $20 per family, includes free drink, popcorn and hat.  PTSA will earn $2 per group. 

-Reflection Arts Contest had 17-18 students participate.  Members of the Rehoboth Community were invited to vote on submissions. 

-PRES Talent Show is planned for mat 17th at BMS. 

-USA Skate Event was a huge success, 259 skaters participated.  PTSA earned $259 from the event. 

-Coupon Book Sales are a fundraising option for this Spring at both schools.  This group feels it is not a lucrative fundraiser for either school. 

-March 31 has been offered as a date for Group Tickets to Harlem Globetrotters at Dunkin Donuts Center.  $21.50 for tickets.  This group feels this is not an event to promote due to the date, it is the eve of Easter. 

-Eyes on Owls Presentation is an event we would like to pursue, Kara S. shared it is a great assembly for families. 

-We will hold a Used Book Sale in June at PRES.  This idea was well received and was successful at Jack Fest last Fall.  We will ask for book donations throughout April and May. 

Mrs. Dubois called Bloom Bus to inquire about cost of bussing for schools.  She was informed there is no formula to calculate the trip cost in advance.  As a group we will continue to search for the best price for student trips. 


A motion was made by Susan Bogosian to adjourn meeting at 8:47pm,  seconded by Nancy Breault




January 2018 minutes

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December minutes

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October 2017 minutes

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October minutes attached

November 2017minutes

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Rehoboth PTSA Minutes  November 8, 2017  / Palmer River Elementary School  (11 Members in attendance) 
Meeting called to order 6:35 pm by Susan Bogosian, President 

Meeting Minutes: Susan Bogosian, President  Minutes from October 2017 -  minutes reviewed, motion to approve/seconded &  unanimously accepted. 

Principals’ Reports:  Joseph Pirraglia and Arlene Miguel  
1) Palmer River:  Arlene Miguel -   update provided by Susan Bogosian 
2) Beckwith:  Joseph Pirraglia  -  - Busy October with Pink & Orange (Unity) Days, Dance and Bash.  - Mr. Viera presented update on efforts to improve attendance & recognition for such. Feb  9th will be 1st AttenDANCE celebration for students with outstanding attendance (or  better than 95% which is equivalent to less than 9 absences). Incentives will be in place for  achieving better than 95%, i.e reduced $ for dance tickets, drinks/snacks, etc.  We hope to  open discussions re: why absences occur with greater connections being made.  - Soccer Teams applauded as Divisional Champs with Boys Soccer team record of 9-0-1 and  Girls Soccer team record of 8-2-1.  - Parent Teachers Conferences coming up.   

Committee Updates:  
1) Jack O’Lantern Festival: Karen DeRoche  -  Went very well.  Hayrides went much  smoother. Discussed more illumination outside at Beckwith for next year and  perhaps decreasing haunted hallways to 2 hours may be more beneficial for the  actors. Big “Thank you” again to all the volunteers, donations and service groups  that made this such a great night! 
2) 4th Grade Astronomy Night - 11/17 from 7-9pm  (12/1 is rain date) - flyer to be  posted. Will set up near Beckwith. Parking lot at PRES will be lit up and cafetaria  will be open at PRES to sell hot chocolate/water/popcorn. 
3) Health Summit- 11/16/17 - Waltham MA -  hosted by MA PTA - Reminder - please let us  know if you are interested in attending. 
4) Book Club - 11/29/17 @ BMS Library 
5) Bylaw Revision -   last done in 2014. Recommendations received from Jen Francioso at MA  PTA. Major revisions include:   a) Combine Asst. Treasurer and Secretary to “Financial Secretary” ;   b) 2 VP’s instead of 3 ;   c) credit card policy added;   d) Immediate Past President added to Executive Committee;  e) Plan to revise committee chair verbiage to protect need for  updates & fiscal  responsibility. 
 New Business: 
1) Treasurer’s Report  - beginning to see activity in Spiritwear, Enrichment, and  Membership. Please see updated budget sheet. 
2) Book Fair BMS : 11/27/17 through 12/1/17. Will solicit volunteers. Online book  fair this year will be open 11/17-12/8. Also plan locker raffles and continue teacher  recommendations.  
3) PEG:  Applications are ready to go and will be sent to principals for distribution.  Applicants need to be PTSA members. Will meet in December to decide and plan to  award during January meeting. 
4) Bus Negotiations:  Ms. Antonellis requested email questions.   Pursue other  companies but would only be for after school hours. 
Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm by Susan Bogosian 
Next Meeting: 12/13/17 @ 6:30 pm in the Library at PRES

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