What is
A teacher creates an account with and creates a fundraising event. This event is then crowd funded by friends, parents and the world at large.

How does the Rehoboth PTSA support this program?
The Rehoboth PTSA would like to encourage the euduprenurial spirit and will dollar match any PTSA approved event.

How do I donate to a specific teacher?
  1. Visit
  2. Search for your teacher. 
  3. Select the amount and process your donation. 
  4. Print donation receipt for your tax records (this donation qualifies as a deduction on your taxes).

Are my donations tax deductible?
Yes. Please make sure you print a copy of your donation for your tax records.

What other ways can I help support teachers that run events?
Spread the word through Facebook and email. Have family, friends and neighbours make a donation of any amount in support of our hard working teachers.

What is the process for a teacher to qualify for this Rehoboth PTSA program?
  1. Complete the PTSA application form.
  2. Lodge the application with the PTSA for approval.
  3. Await approval from the PTSA.
  4. If approved, create a account and start event creation.
  5. Contact Rehoboth PTSA secretary to identify that the event is ready.
  6. The PTSA Treasurer will then pledge the first donation for 50% of the event value up to a maximum of $300.
The budgeted maximum for the program is $2500 for both schools.
Current Rehoboth teacher fundraisers!
No events currently...