If you are in Grade 4th or 3rd grade and are looking for a fun activity to do during computer class when done with current project, then you can do one of the enrichment activities below..

1. You can code, using a full programming site, code.org where you can develop your coding skills with Angry Birds, Frozen characters and Plants versus Zombies.


2. You could practice your typing with typingclub.com or Dancemat Typing

https://dighton-elementary.typingclub.com/  https://www.bbc.com/bitesize/articles/z3c6tfr

Not into programming or typing? Then use the time to work on your Google Drive.

3. Create a Google Doc within your Teacher shared folder. Write about anything you want. This can be like "Journal Writing" you do in your classroom. You have the opportunity to write about something you like or have a passion for such as how people should adopt pets at local animal shelters or about an activity you do like play on a baseball team.