aimed to get 10 millions students learning how to code. More than 19 millions students participated! Students in grades 2-4 will be exposed to "Coding" this year using They will have the opportunity to program and help foster critical thinking. Students will be encouraged to play on to continue programming, and how knows we may have the next great programmer! K-1 will be coding as well but use another website called

The site,, was designed for students to play and design basic things and learn some basic programming concepts using games. Students can have fun programming in an interactive environment. 



 2nd Grade 
 3-4th Grade
Making a game with coding

Flappy Birds 
AI for Ocean 



Would you like to animate? The creators of "Hour of Code" create a cool interactive environment for elementary students to get their feet wet with animation. If animation is something you always wanted to try. Then, click the link below and start animating!