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4th Grade NewsPaper Club

Dighton Elementary School 4th grade Newspaper club

(We call the newspaper the "DES News".)

At the bottom of the page you can download the  latest newspaper Vol.

About Club

 The newspaper club is a great opportunity for those students that really want to learn more about research and writing articles. Students will become newspaper reporters. It is a great opportunity for students to write on topics in which they have an interest, and get them published.  The newspaper will hit various topics such as Book Reviews, Local News, National News, World News, Sports, Entertainment, and Weather.

We only meet one hour a week, so it is very important during this time the students are focused and spend their time wisely to accomplish the club’s goal, which is produce a newspaper that the group can be proud to be part of.

With this, I am listing the newspaper club expectations that all members need to adhere to and sign off on when they signup.


  1.  Respect teachers and all adults that are helping with the newspaper club
  2.  Respect other students in the newspaper club
  3. Responsible to take care of the "Time for Writing" book given to each member of the club and to return at end of year.
  4. Come to each week wanting to research and write articles
  5.  No playing around and goofing off
  6. During the week, you some research, writing, and interviewing, so you can come with ideas and/or start of an article
  7. You create an article, interview, or story Organizer sheet and give to teacher or adult for approval before working on your article.
  8. Do your best and care for what you do
  9.  HAVE FUN!

How to pick a topic?

You can create an article just using your own experiences and knowledge, such as "the best vacation spot". You can also use printed materials like magazines and encyclopedias to research a topic.

As a DES reporter, you can also visit various news websites, informational websites like online encyclopedias, and kid-friendly websites to gather information for your stories.

WARNING: Never just copy information on the web or from a printed source word from word. You need to put it in your own words.

Your stories need to be interesting, accurate, and informative. Please remember your audience will be your fourth grade classmates, so your stories need to written in language that they will understand.

  • Before you can start writing your article in Word, you will need to fill out an Article Organizer sheet (News story, Topic, Interview, or Fiction). Your final Article Organizer sheet needs to be reviewed by Mr. Badger
  • Each member of the newspaper club will be given a reporter's journal. This is where you will write down your brainstorming and thoughts for your topics.

Great website that show students as reports writing Articles

Where to find information on the INTERNET?

 News Story websites

Research Topics with great links 


Topic websites


Current events







Online Encyclopedias:







Animals that live in the ocean

Solar System resources - databases




This site has links to many key topics learned within your classroom. Have fun exploring!!!!

This is a great website on various nature and animal information


 Looking for information for animals this is your site

Looking for Current Event News this is a great website.


 Great Science resource for kids


Search Engines: (Kid-Friendly)

 Looking for Images use the links below:




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