(1) Introduction to Computers - Routines/Expectations


(1) Review Routines and Expectations - Students will have a review on internet terms an navigating through a website. Learn about the uses and value of mrbadger.org

Being a Good Digital Citizen

Internet Pledge


(0.5) Review Rules and Routines - Internet Terms like web address - Intro to Xtramath -
Intro to ticket to leave -Internet Assessment online


XtraMath is a free web program that teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts which are critical to success in mathematics.

(0.5) Review Routines- focus on Internet terms like the URL (Web address)--- Intro to Envisions - Ticket to leave

enVisionmath2.0 Common Core is a comprehensive mathematics curriculum for Grades K-5. Students are learning math using enVisionMath. With this website, students will have access to the actual text book in an ebook format that they are using in the classroom. There are several other resources such as videos and online games that can help reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.

(2) Keyboarding practice  


(0.25 during 2nd class)

Multiplication Games
 Patty's Paint

 Car Wash
 Math Models
 Holiday Math
 Tony's Tires

https://www.multiplication.com/games/play/frogtastic-multiplication Pirates - Math

(1) Google Drive - review logging in and Introduce moving teacher shared folder to my drive

(4) Google Drive/Docs - Review

Students will be reviewing various skills using Google docs that they learned from last year. First class will have students creating their teacher folder. This unit is all about creating and editing Google Docs. Students will be working on formatting like size, color, and font but also doing some writing like "My Favorite Animal" and " Thankful for". These lessons will be designed to get the students to start thinking about taking their writing SMARTS from the classroom and apply them within the computer lab.

(2) Using Google Docs - Inserting images
Students will review creating a Google Docs with animal images. They will learn about copy/paste and drag and drop images from copyright free websites within their Google doc file.

(3) All About Coding
Students will be able to do actual coding using a block-type coding language. Students will be exposed to coding using characters like from star wars and others to help them make a connection. Students will be exposed to some programming terminology such as algorithm. 


https://partners.disney.com/hour-of-code/wayfinding-with-code?cdsMoana Coding


(5) Google Slides review - Endangered Animals in MA

Students will be reviewing various skills using Google Slides that they learned from last year. They will be taking facts on Endangered Animals in MA and showcasing the facts using a Google Slide. This is just a review unit.

(3) All About Researching
Students will learn how to gather and organize information from digital sources by paraphrasing and/or summarizing. They will use two-column organizer to collect and gather their facts on an animal.

 Teacher Site(s) will be added

Students will be shown through this MCAS tutorial how to use the various tools and types of questions

(6) End of Year Project
Students will do research and create a Google Slide that showcases the research they collect. This research project will connect with the 3rd grade science curriculum.

(1) End of Year Project
Students will have a chance to look at other students' projects.

(2) Digital Portfolios

Digital portfolios are a great way to publish your digital media in a safe and artistic way. In this project you will create a private Google Website and in this site you will insert all of your best work from the school year. This will include documents, spreadsheets and presentations. We will also be using digital cameras to taking pictures (items only, not of ourselves) as well as using scanners to scan items that maybe hand written. Don't forget. The color, theme and structure of your site is of your choosing so get creative and think of what style will present best!

 How Do I Create a Digital Portfolio?
  1. Log into Google Drive
  2. Click on "Sites"
  3. Click on "Create"
  4. Title your site with your name like this 
    1. Digital Portfolio of Joe Bloggs
    2. Digital Portfolio of Jill Smith
  5. Choose your theme.
  6. Press "Create"
 How do I insert documents, presentations and images?
  1. Click on the pencil to edit page.
  2. Click on the sport where you want to insert the item.
  3. Click on insert at top of screen.
  4. Click on "Drive" or "Image".
  5. Next you will see document, spreadsheet or presentation.
  6. Select.
  7. You will now see your Google Grive inbox.
  8. Select your item. Click on insert. Save your page.

(2) Khan Academy Math

Practice math at your own pace with this adaptive assessment tool. You can start at 1 + 1 and work your way into calculus or jump right into whatever topic needs some brushing up.

Each problem is randomly generated, so you never run out of practice material. If you need a hint, each problem can be broken down, step-by-step, with one click. If you need more help, you can always watch a related video.

3rd Grade Games


Pilgrim and wampanoag Indians Webquest

Revolutionary War Heroes Websites


How to use the Internet as a resource to help you learn about things covered in class?