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Weight Gain in Children

Uncontrollable Weight Gain

This is a testimony we received back in 2012. This is the key reason Dr. Knox does Nutrition Response Testing, to see the change and happiness in people. 
"I believe that Dr. Knox’s work spared our 19 yr old son from a lifelong battle with his health. For 8 months prior to meeting with Dr. Knox the summer of 2011, he had been uncontrollably gaining 10 – 12 pounds a month and was exhibiting other strange physical changes. Medical doctors ignored all symptoms except the weight gain and advised dieting and exercise which were already not working. But when we made the switch to Dr. Knox, both our son’s health and our sense of hope took a turn for the best. She took subjectivity out of the equation and let our son’s body tell its own story through Nutrition Response Testing. Dr. Knox, the perfect blend of compassion and effectiveness, immediately found that our son’s pituitary gland, his adrenals and some other organs were not functioning optimally. Within the first month of her course of treatment, the weight gain stopped. Then I discovered alarming similarities between our son’s symptoms and a potentially life-threatening medical condition. I pulled together some experts on the condition, a neurologist and an endocrinologist, from the Los Angeles area who ordered and evaluated lab tests and an MRI. In December 2011, the confirmed a positive diagnosis and ordered yet another rounds of tests. However, without any medical intervention our son’s test results were coming back close to normal! The endocrinologist shrugged and reluctantly admitted that Dr. Knox’s “herbs” must have had a positive effect on our son and that he would not need brain surgery for months, years, or a lifetime of synthetic hormone treatments. Now 10 months after our first meeting with Dr. Knox, our son is making steady progress toward recovery. He steadily loses weight each month, the other symptoms are subsiding and he is on the road to regaining his health. We will forever be grateful to Dr. Knox for our son’s improved health and the quality of life that now extends into his future."