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Skin & Sun Sensitivity


Since I was 17 I have had problems being in the sun. I break out in a rash from head to toe and on one occasion the swelling and secondary infection was so bad I was on Prednisone for 3 months and out of work for 1. My sensitivity forced me to avoid the things I loved- gardening, swimming, going to the beach, vacations, walking, biking- literally everything outdoors. After many specialists and allergy testing I resigned myself to the fact that I could only be outside in deep shade, early morning (before 9am) and sunset.



I never bothered to ask Dr. Knox for help with this as I had other issue more primary. I did notice when I went to visit my friend in Naples, Florida that I didn’t break out after being there a few days. I continued to be my usual, cautious self and still no rash. I took a chance of going for a walk on the beach at 10am-nothing. Then I moved my swim time at the pool from 4:30pm to 3:30, 1:30 and then noon and the last day we went at 10 am and I stayed out for 3 hours!! Usually I have to leave after 45 minutes. Not only did I not break out- I got a light tan! I look forward to being able to do things normally, and although it took 8 months of Dr. Knox’s care for this to happen- I am thrilled!

-AP 01/08/09