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Respiratory & Sinus Infections

Patient Highlight

Testimony on Fatigue, Sinuses & Back Pain



"I was fatigued, had sinus problems and a pain in my back that I've always thought was a gallbladder problem."



            "I feel more "whole" and healthy (hearty). I feel like there is a healing in my body. I believe it's like deep layers of infection are being targeted and connected in my body.


            *Carrie shared this with us on December 6th, 2014. 


            Repeated respiratory problems/infections.

            Sinus infections would hang on in the winter.



            I’m able to resist and throw off any respiratory ailment that starts. A recent sinus infection settled in my ears now that my lungs are stronger. I resisted the inclination to run for antibiotics or other foreign remedies that throw off my chemical balance. By eating healthy (along with fresh citrus fruits) and continuing on whole food supplements, my body began flushing off the infection by itself. I’m getting better faster and feel great!

-P.M. 02/23/10