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Menstrual Cramping/ PMS


I was exhausted an in pain. My hip, tailbone, neck and joints ached horribly. I had headaches almost every day and could not sleep. My periods made me so emotional and cranky every other month with the opposite months being painful. Also, my stomach was a mess, constant gas and pain alternating between loose and constipated stools. I am currently working on my hair loss with Dr. Knox.

 Now (after 12 weeks on our Nutrition Response Testing Program)

I feel so clear minded and energized. I have no more tailbone pain at all and my hip almost never hurts. I do not walk around in pain. I can’t remember my last headache! I sleep on average 8-8 ½ hours per night and feel rested. My emotions during pms are cut in half. I am very optimistic that Dr. Knox and I can figure out my hair situation. I am truly thankful for this program. It has changed my life.

-Shared with us by Shannon from East Syracuse on 6/16/18



            I came to Dr. Knox needing to lose weight. I also had knee pain and terrible period cramps.


            I have lost weight (approximately 15 lbs.) and my knee pain is gone. My period has improved immensely. I feel better overall.

-Rose September 17th, 2014