I was always tired, irritable and anxious with severe headaches, heavy menstruation and frequent dry skin.


(After 4 months on our Nutrition Response Testing Program)

I feel much more rested, alert and calm. My symptoms have much abated and I feel more in control of my life.

-Caitlin from Rome, NY



            I had constant neck pain when driving, sitting and performing everyday tasks. I was miserable and my range of motion was limited especially while driving. I was also having severe, daily migraines that were making my quality of life suffer.



            My neck pain is going away. Occasionally I have pain at the end of my treatment (right before my next appointment) but chiropractic care has made my quality of life increase with not only lack of neck pain and increased mobility in that area, but also has limited my number of migraines to less than 1 per week rather than daily.

-Ericka 1/1/15



I was having many difficulties with digestion, reflux and migraines. My family Dr and specialists put me on medication for symptom relief which helped sometimes but still had flare ups in migraines and IBS issues.



Dr. knox evaluated the root causes to these issies and I slowly saw improvements. With modified diet my results are no more migraines and improved digestion. My cholesterol was at 258 and is now 164. My family Dr has decided that I no longer need my cholesterol meds or my powerful migraine meds!

-K.K. 10/10/12