Hypertension- High Blood Pressure


            When I started with Dr. Knox and her program I suffered from severe depression, anxiety and high blood pressure. I was taking 3 full strength HBP meds and anti-depressants. I also suffered from IBS.


            I feel great! Stamina has greatly improved! No more anti-depressants. I’m down to only one low dose HBP medicine. I’ve learned a lot about how diet can affect your health. Also, my IBS has disappeared!

Carol - September 2014

Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Obesity

posted Aug 12, 2014, 8:37 AM by Nanci Knox


 Had severe lower back pain which radiated down legs.  

I have always had high cholesterol and had recently had 2 stents placed in the coronary arteries.  Even with medication to lower cholesterol it remained rather high.  

Also had hypertension but not always controlled with medication.  I have struggled with obesity most of my adult years as well as stomach problems.



My blood work was done recently with a total cholesterol of 154 and triglycerides of 104.  Risk ratios were 3.0.  Normal glucose of 89.  I am no longer anemic which has been a problem also.   My BP is normal for my age and have lost 8 pounds.  My primary Dr. is very happy and so am I!  Also had lost 12 lbs since my last Dr. visit.


Name: Audrey Wheelock                                                     Date:  3/3/11

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