Heart Testimonies

Before:Had sever lower back pain which radiated down legs. I have always had high cholesterol and had recently had 2 stents placed in the coronary arteries. Even with medication to lower cholesterol it remained rather high. Also had hypertension but not always controlled with medication. I have struggled with obesity most of my adult years as well as stomach problems.

Now: My blood work was done recently with a total cholesterol of 154 and triglycerides of 104. Risk ratios were 3.0. Normal glucose of 89. I am no longer anemic, which has been a problem also. My BP is normal for my age and have lost 8 pounds. My primary Dr. is very happy and so am I! Also have lost 12 lbs. since my last Doctor visit!
-AW, Cold Brook, NY
Before: I had acid reflux, gas and sinus problems daily. I also had frequent headaches, high blood pressure and was starting to develop warning signs of heart attack. I was overweight and eating a lot of sugar.

Now: I have lost a lot of weight and have more energy. As long as I stick to the diet I don't have any gas, reflux or sinus problems.
-LR, Canastota, NY