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Gamin Grace Bartle, Ph.D.

gamin.bartle@gmail.com | (862) 520-9985

Senior Director, Instructional Technology and User Services

Drew University


2013    Graduate Certificate in Training and Educational Technology (Educational Training and Leadership Program), George Washington University

1998    Ph.D., University of Virginia, German Language and Literature

1993    M.A., University of Virginia, German Language and Literature

1989    B.A., The College of William and Mary, German


2015 - Present    Senior Director, Instructional Technology and User Services, Drew University

2007 – 2014    Director, Instructional Technology and User Services,  Drew University

2005 – 2007    Instructional Technology Services, Drew University

Drew University Training Coordinator (July – October 2005)

Manager of Faculty Development (October 2005 – October 2007)

1999 – 2005    Coordinator, Language Resource Center, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa)

1998 –1999    University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, combined position:

Assistant Director, Foreign Language Media Services

Instructor of German and German Language Course Coordinator


  • Lead Instructional Technology and User Services team of seven full-time staff and 15 student assistants in providing expert and excellent customer service, keeping current with evolving technologies as applicable to higher education, and working with agility, flexibility and creativity in fulfilling job responsibilities.

  • Design and oversee faculty-development program in instructional technology founded in best practices and pedagogically sound implementation of digital learning.

  • Partner with faculty and departments on multimedia content development for face-to-face, hybrid and online courses as well as community-wide training initiatives.

  • Direct and provide training and individual support for students, faculty and staff for University-supported applications (Moodle Learning Management System,  Microsoft Office Suite, Google Apps for Education).

  • Collaborate with faculty committee on academic computing to oversee and provide input for instructional technology, as well as design and support of technology-enhanced classrooms, ensuring alignment of equipment and design with pedagogical needs.


  • Oversaw Media Resource Center for seven years, providing AV support for courses and campus events, as well as video production/post-production.

  • Administered transition and course migration from Blackboard Learning Management System to Moodle.

  • Co-founded Academic Commons, bringing Instructional Technology and User Services into the Library and leading coordination with Library Faculty and Staff.

  • Redesigned annual faculty technology and teaching showcase, promoting and publicizing faculty work with technology in research and teaching.

  • Improved University Technology unified phone intake by switching from student to full-time staff operators.

  • Participated in high-level search committees, including for current President.

  • Served on steering committees related to University Middle-States Accreditation.

  • Served as elected Co-Chair of Drew Staff Association for 2 years.


  • “Works in Progress: Digital Humanities and Digital Literacy at Drew” (accepted) 2016 NJEDge Conference, November 2016.

  • "Turning Disruptive Elements of Digital Technology into Positive Agents of Change in Higher Education" Keynote Address (invited), Bloomfield College Faculty Technology Showcase, January 13, 2015.

  • “Using Technology Intentionally in Our Teaching/Using Technology Mindfully in Our Lives” NJEdge.net Faculty Showcase Best Practices, 2014

  • “Intentionality and Technology: A First Year Seminar about Mindfulness and Screen Time” NJEdge.net Annual Conference, 2013

  • “FacLab 2.0: Bringing Faculty Development to the Next Level at Drew University,” with Nicole Pinto. NJEdge.net Annual Conference, 2012

  • Timely Issues in Customer Service, with Brian Gardner and Lindsey Heitman, EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, 2011


  • “THE LIVING LABS: Innovation in Real-Life Settings” with Nathan Hawk and Martha Romine, The Quarterly Review of Distance Education, 13(4), 2012, pp. 225–231.

  • “Displacing Goethe: Tribute and Exorcism in Thomas Mann's The Beloved Returns,” In P. Frasnsen, & T. Hoenselaars, The Author as Character: Representing Historical Writers in Western Literature (p. 195-212). Madison, NJ : Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1999.

  • Unpublished Dissertation: “The Woman in Mann : Criticism through Discord with Feminine Expectations,” University of Virginia, 1998.


2014 (Fall)    Instructor, College (First Year) Seminar, Drew "Intentionality and Technology: How does Screentime Affect Your “Real” Life?"

2010 (Spring)    Instructor,  Senior Capstone Course for German Majors, Drew

2000-2005    Instructor of Undergraduate German Language and Graduate Literature courses, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

1998-1999    Instructor of German and German Language Course Coordinator, UAB

1991-1998    Graduate Instructor, German Language and Literature, University of Virginia