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About me

I'm what is called an Alternate Academic, which I understand to mean someone with a Ph.D. or other terminal degree who has chosen a different path in Higher Education than a traditional faculty position. My Ph.D. (University of Virginia, 1998) is in German Languages and Literatures. I enjoyed teaching German, language and literature -- one really rewarding course was the production of a play in German for majors -- for over a dozen years. While in graduate school I became interested in instructional technology specific to language learning. Upon completing my Ph.D., I took a hybrid position as Assistant Director of Foreign Language Media Services and as German faculty at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Soon after I moved to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, where I was Coordinator of the Language Resource Center. These positions led me to become more of a generalist in instructional technology, and I am currently the Senior Director of Instructional Technology and User Services in University Technology at Drew University. (Please see my cv for more details.)

In January 2013, I received a Graduate Certificate in Training and Educational Technology in the Educational Training and Leadership Program at George Washington University. I recommend this program, its excellent faculty and the high quality of courses. Each of the six courses in the program fit almost perfectly with what I was doing at my day job at the time. The synergy of spending these hours outside of work-time on this coursework brought success as one of three University Technology Directors to a higher level.

A fundamental principle in my work – and my life outside of work – is to make intentional choices about how, when, and why I spend time in front of a computer or other device. I encourage others to do the same. Technology is a great set of tools that should be chosen wisely for the benefit of teaching, learning and academic research, as well as our lives in general, and I believe these tools are best chosen mindfully.