Basecamp resources page
We draw resources from a lot of different places - and share them in many ways, as part of the training. That's deliberate because we want everyone to be aware of, and choose the methods that will work best for their own teaching. That does however make keeping track of everything tricky, so this is the one definitive page where every resource and guide is kept, approximately in the order it is used on the day. Please post any questions in our group on Yammer.

For anyone not enrolled on Star Classroom, or not a member of staff at the David Ross Education Trust: this page is public however most of the resources here will require your login to access.

 Getting Started
Getting Started With Class Dojo
A general introduction to how to set up and use Class Dojo for rewards and behaviour points.

  Class Dojo Video
Tutorial video on using Class Dojo.
iPad Welcome Guide
Using the camera, editing and cropping photos, timer and stopwatch
  Using Your iPad Video
Tutorial video on the main points of using your iPad. How to install apps on your iPad from our self-service store
We use a different system than the Apple App Store to allow you to install apps - this is how it works.
Installing iPad apps video
Tutorial video on installing apps from the self-service store. Using Swivl 
Video showing how to take a new Swivl and set it up to make recordings, linking it to your iPad and making it follow the microphone
How to use the Swivl App
Tutorial video on how to set the Swivl App up on an iPad and export your finished movie to somewhere else.
How to use your Star Classroom Screen in "Basic Mode"
If you want to just draw on your screen or play a file from a pen drive, you don't need to use the PC - for example if you are handing the room over to a cover teacher for an hour - this is how "basic mode" works.

A tour of the Star Classroom Equipment
Item by item - what those buttons all do.
How to use the Iiyama Screen in "Basic Mode"
If you want to use the big screen without the PC, there are some simple tools built in - for using it as a whiteboard or for playing movies or showing Word, Powerpoint, PDF files etc. This video shows you how as well as being a great example of why not to put a camera at a low angle before filming yourself...

  Introduction to iMovie (coming soon)

  Introduction to Moldiv 
Moldiv is a great app for creating photo collages, film titles or posters.

  Introduction to iMotion (coming soon)

Poll Everywhere
Poll Everywhere is a site Yasmin used in her session to make live feedback polls.
  Poll Everywhere for the Making Session
This is the poll that was used to gauge interest and use in the tools shown.
  Tutorial Video to Office Mix
Tutorial video to introduce how Office Mix can be used to rapidly (and easily) produce videos and interactive resources from Powerpoint slide decks.

Introduction Guide to Office Mix
A guide to using Office Mix.
Active Presenter download
If you'd like to use Active Presenter on another PC, this is the link to find the (free) download of this really powerful piece of software.

  Active Presenter video tutorial
A video on how to use Active Presenter to record screencasts (in particular to let you record a section of your lesson on the big screen with audio) with minimal fuss and effort.

  Active Presenter user guide
A step by step guide and reference to Active Presenter.
Microsoft Sway - an interesting alternative for building decks of content people can scroll through - or to use to present in lessons - featuring the ability to share over the web and have several people collaborate on a single presentation.

A Sway on Sway
How to use Sway.... as a Sway presentation.

 Making the Most of the Big Screen
Link to Download the OneNote Learning Tools
If you need to be able to get access to these tools here is a link - we will install them as standard in any case.

 OneNote Basics Video
A general tutorial to introduce OneNote.
Ten Top Tips for Teaching with OneNote
Going beyond the basics, a range of things you can do in the classroom, and particularly when using OneNote on the main screen in the classroom. Getting Started Guide
A general introduction to all the main features of OneNote to digitise paper resources using Scannable
Scannable is a great app for the iPad to take paper documents into your workflow - the examples here include Google Drive and OneNote, but it can do much more without hassle.
Scannable Tutorial Video
Tutorial video on how to use the Scannable App.

Google Classroom - tutorial video on creating a course
How to set up a new course in Google Classroom
Google Classroom - posting to the Stream video 
How to post material into the course "stream" to share with participants. Explanation of the differences between an announcement to the group and an assignment for the group and importantly, three ways you can share materials (so the student can view only, or so the whole class can work on one thing or for each person to work on their own copy).

 YouTube and Safeshare - how to remove inappropriate content
Whilst rich in resources YouTube has the potential for trouble with comments, adverts and links to other videos. We prefer people use for our own stuff, but Safeshare allows you to bring YouTube video into class with more confidence (and allows you to crop to just the bit of the video you want).

 OneNote Class Notebook
Browser Clipper Tool
In case you want to use it on a computer outside school - will detect the right version for your browser.
Using Class Notebook Video
Tutorial on how to set up and use Class Notebook as a shared system for resources and collaboration. to Using Class Notebook
A reference to the tools available and how to use them.
 Using Salamander
Salamander is a service on our network that lets you use the timetable code for a group in SIMS to share resources with that group easily.

 Moving On
How to Make Google Forms 
We've made extensive use of Google Forms throughout the training so far (and will continue to do so) - if you'd like to make your own this is a video tutorial. to Make Google Forms (Guide) (Coming Soon)
To go with the video tutorial, this is a guide.
Action Plan
This is the document we're using to plan dates and follow up for the event.
 Making Groups on Yammer
We hope you'll find ways to make your own groups on Yammer to work with colleagues - this is a video tutorial to some of the key steps. Good Groups on Yammer
Making them is pretty easy, but having a good group that "Runs Itself" is pretty hard - without pretending to have all the answers, here are some ideas for avoiding online tumbleweed.
 Unboxing and setting up your iPad (Video) 
We've tried to make setting up the Star Classroom iPads easier than the ones you might buy at the shop - this is a walkthrough of the process. Most people will already have theirs set up for them for the day - it is only when there are a lot of sessions in a short period of time when we will give them out "raw."

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