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PTA Board

On June 4, 2012 the new PTA Board was elected for the school year 2012-13:

President:                           Christian Albrecht May

Vice-President:                   Jane Dietrich-Schendel & Nicole van Staalduinen

Secretary:                           Susanne Erb

Treasurer:                           Michael Brandt

Volunteer Coordinator &
     Kathy Eisenhofer
Welcoming Committee:        Yola Budny

G18 Representative:           Jaqueline Le Seguillon & Peter Wöhler

Public Relations:                 Peter Wöhler

Excursions:                         Katja Linsenmaier 

PTA Board 2012-2013
from the left: Michael Brandt, Jane Dietrich-Schendel, Nicole van Staalduinen, Albrecht May, Yola Budny, Susanne Erb

Email us at:                         pta@dresden-is.de

Visit our web-site:               http://www.dresden-is.de/dis-community/pta/pta