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Information Technology Professional to Help Guide Your Business  

Your company recognizes the value of cloud computing but now what?
You need a solution that scales fast and is as flexible as your business
-- and you need it today.

You'll need to understand where the cloud makes sense for your business, choose the right mix of cloud and private, account for security and other concerns,  and then build a plan on how to get started.  CYBERTHOUGHT consulting will help you build a strategy, and choose the right technologies and tools to maximize your return on investment that enables your business goals.

With over twenty years of experience creating customer-focused business solutions from small business to Fortune 100 companies, I help my customers receive millions in return on investment.  Using the right mix of information technology for their businesses resulted in reduced cost of operations, improved time to market, and better customer service.  

Allow me to be the bridge between business and technology with complete solution design,  general consulting advice, and technical support.  

Here are just some of the key capabilities that I can bring to your organization:
  • Cloud Computing
    • Works with clients to leverage cloud computing where appropriate 
    • Use infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service as part of a total technology plan.
    • Build architecture, strategy and select tools to integrate existing line of business systems into new model.
  • Information Technology Strategy Development
    • Creating or improving your technology strategy to deliver on your business goals.
  • Architecting custom solutions
    • Helping customers develop clear business requirements and then turn those into technical solutions to achieve your goals.
  • Infrastructure Architecture
    • Partnering with customers to design scalable, secure and flexible infrastructure to meet current and future business objectives.
  • Leadership of teams to implement, deploy and support your technology solution
    Lead local or worldwide teams to deliver and support the solutions for your business.
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