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Gallery of Traditional Art

This lovely piece, dubbed, "Jenny's Butterfly," currently hangs in the window at 901Comics on Cooper and Young in downtown Memphis, Tennessee.  This piece will be auctioned off at the MidSouthCon charity Auction, on March 26, 2017.

Portrait Commission.  This was done using Spectrum Noir Professional Markers.  Color Portraits start at $30.

"King of Goblins," will be in the Charity Auction at the MidSouthCon in Memphis Tennesse, March 26, 2017.

Playing with my new Spectrum Markers.  The Fleiglefur.  I think.  You'd have to ask William Alan Webb.  This will be appearing in an upcoming book of his.  Your welcome.  ;-)

Charcoals of my friends on the Night Shift.  I think this may become a future comic strip.  "The Night Ship."

Charcoal tribute to my late Green Cheek Conure, Tchaikovsky.  Rotten bird.  Love the stuffins out of him.  Miss him tremendously.

"Creature."  Inspired by a poem written by the poet Chad