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Dream Paints Face Painting

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Schedule of Appearances and Face Painting Shows:

-November 9th at the Jonesboro, Arkansas Kindergarten Center5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

-March 9 thru 11, 2018 at MidSouthCon 36, Memphis, Tennessee:  9 AM to Close

-Feel free to invite or drop a suggestion!  We'd love to come out and participate in your event.

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The Dream Demon Family CosPlay...
  "Hoodie"                 "Bride of Chuckie"        "Jack Skellington"    "Uma" From Descendants 2
            2017                                                                                            2016
This family that paints together to plays together!
Catch us at a festival or Con near Memphis and Get. Painted. Yourself.

White Tiger Face
White Tiger Face

Heart and Star Face
White Tiger Half Face

Harley Quinn Running Mask Face

Star Angel Face
Hulk Half Face

Wolf Face

Butterfly Face
Harley Quinn Teen CosPlay

Dragon Face
Jack Skellington CosPlay
Harley Quinn CosPlay