Haunted Dreams

Every Night I am visited by strange imaginings.  Creatures that haunt my dreams.  Sometimes they are benign and weird looking.  Sometimes... not so much.  The only way I can banish them from my head is to exorcise them onto a page.  They come out as stories and paintings and drawings.  They live on; telling all who see them their dark tales and whispering of their unnerving alliances.  I have collected a few of my favorite freaks to offer up on the altar of Kickstarter.  And here, you may preview the prints.

 Tooth Fairies live in caves and hunt at dusk.  Mainly nocturnal creatures, they take the form of small human children by day while they sleep.  This disguise protects them from eradication.  When they hunt... they go for the bone.  The flash of teeth in a smile or fearful grimace is what attracts them.  Keep your mouth shut and run away!

  Creature is the manifestation of Addiction, according to the poet, Chad Lewis's poem of the same name.  Inspired by the poem (I retain all rights for use) this illustration reaches bony arms to sink it's claws into your life and slather it's destruction all over your fate.  Run, do not walk, away!

 Jenny's Butterfly, named after the beautiful soul who first gazed upon this unique insect, is the harbinger of death.  Much like Edgar Allen Poe's Raven, this beautifully crafted patriot proceeds it's chosen army to tell soldiers on the other side of a war, who will not be coming home.  The butterfly itself is harmless, it's message is unavoidable.  Beware Jenny's Butterfly.

 This devil critter stalks the forests between small villages.  It feeds on lost travelers and foolish explorers.  Devil critters hunt in packs and create other, undead creatures to use as tools for rounding up their favorite prey.  All those teeth... I promise it can open it's mouth wide enough...

 Shattered Illusions created a white wolf and a black wolf.  They slip through shadows and ride the trail of the moon in the depths of the night.  These ghostly apparitions bring fear in the unkowing.  It is unknown what they do or how they do it.  All I know is that their purposes are still shrouded in mystery.  And fog.  Lots of fog.  Because.

 Someone dear to me left on a trip, but the Dream Demon returned in their stead.  He held my newborn baby hostage and demanded that I bring victims to feed him.  I cringed in the hallway as each soul was sucked from it's body and devoured by this cursed creature.  I tried to warn people, but no one would believe me.  In the end, I defeated the Dream Demon by making a horrible sacrifice.  How, you ask?  Let's just say... my lover never returned from his trip.  In the dream, anyway.

These lovely monsters of my night's mind are all collected for you to enjoy.  The Kickstarter, Haunted Dreams begins September 20, 2017 and runs for 15 days.  It's quick, I know, but you want them in time for Halloween, right?  Well, then.

Last but not least, I would like to tempt you with a small token... 

The Eyeball Fairy.  Also known as my first stretch goal.  The Eyeball Fairy began as a joke on Twitter.  Because I love eyeballs.  It was soon renamed the Flieger by the gripping sic-fi/fantasy author William Alan Webb (Yes, I'm shamelessly cross-promoting, but you know you love him, so it's okay...  It is...  Yup...  <nods vigorously>).  If Haunted Dreams can reach the goal, and "stretch" beyond, The Eyeball Fairy will be unlocked and available in the collection!  Isn't it cute?  You want one, you know you do, don't lie.

As further incentive, I have another piece mocked up to be finished in markers.  It's the vampire on Beale Street, to commemorate that amazing night life hotspot and afternoon good eats cafe street, Beale Street, in Memphis Tennessee.  The stripped skull of a lone vampire rests at the top of the street, the lights and flash of Beale blazing behind.  The lower jaw is missing and the empty eye sockets stare out still searching for the next victim of the undying but now slain.  Make me finish this piece for the second stretch goal.  I double dog dare ya!