Dream Demons is the artist tine danxer's home for showcasing her work.  Moslty dealing in dark themes, tine is versatile in her ability to capture your imagination on a page.  Current projects include:  Cover art for, "One Night at the Quay," a novella by the thrilling new author, William Alan Webb (also author of "Standing the Final Watch"); and illustrating three new children's books by the illustrious Charlotte Hopkins.  Tine danxer is also working on her own comic book series, "Liberation."  Artwork for that series, as well as other works from tine danxer, will be featured on this site.  Please visit often as the site is constructed and updated.  All works of art on this site are the intellectual property of Shannon Ortberg, aka, tine danxer.  Do not steal.  Repost only with permission.  The artist is actually pretty nice about that.

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