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London Metropolitan Brass

It is a little complicated. London Metropolitan Brass now have an Intermediate Band and a real Beginners Band.... On a dodgy Sunday (the weather), we were treated to music from both of these groups of players. 

Of special note it was a pleasure to welcome Beginners to their inaugural concert. In order to quell the nerves and make sure everything was perfect for their performance they did a quick run through in the Park Information Centre (picture left) while the main band were entertaining the people in The Grove.

When the Intermediate Band went on a break, in stepped the 
newbies who (correct us if we are wrong) have only been playing together for 8 weeks.

They gave a well disciplined and entertaining performance cheered on by their fellow musicians - a great show and they were not put off by the very light drizzle.

Later back came the Intermediate Band fortified by wedding cake to resume their set with rousing music of all styles. The quality of this band continues to improve and a great experience for all in The Grove on our the Band performance of the year in the Park.
They finished with vibrate rendition of Baggy Trousers.

Palace Band in The Grove

The Palace Band returned for more gentle wind music. A pleasure to just lap it up while sitting in The Grove. Another great day of music on a Sunday....

London Metropolitan Brass Training Band in The Grove

In early July, we again had the pleasure of welcoming the London Metropolitan Brass Training Band.

They played a rousing selection of numbers in the sunshine.
A receptive audience sat on the grass and lapped it up. Encore!

Barnet Band in The Grove - June 2017

This popular local band entertained us again in The Grove on a blisteringly hot day in June. Great to have them back.

London Metropolitan Brass Training Band in The Grove, 
Sept 2016

We welcomed the Band for another set great of tunes. Missed the purple trombone though! (apparently it is made of plastic and great for people starting out.)

Music included "I'm Going to Be" and "Lord of the Dance". At the second break, the Band offered members of public the chance to try out one of the instruments.

Luckily it was dry enough for people to enjoy listening to Band on the grass - a great way to end the Summer.

More pictures from the day.....

Barnet Band in The Grove, June 2016

It was great to welcome back the Barnet Band with their usual great mixture of music for our first concert of the year. There were tunes of many different types even including a medley of Mary Poppins songs.....

A little sunshine pushed the Band to shelter under the shade of the pine trees. 

They played for a good 2 hours allowing the crowd spread out in front of The Grove Cafe to have plenty of time to enjoy the music in traditional way - by sitting on the grass.

Pictures from the day.

London Metropolitan Brass Training Band in The Grove, Sept 2015

Blessed with sunshine the band played an interesting and eclectic mix of tunes including "Baggy Trousers" and "The Stripper".

A good crowd lounged on the grass greatly enjoying the performance.
Intriguing everyone was the purple trombone....

At the break the members of the band invited the audience young and old to out the instruments.

The last band date of the year. Hopefully back in 2016.

Muswell Hill Brass in The Grove, July 2015

Sun was shining on Muswell Hill Brass as they regaled us with super music.

They played hymns (I vow to thee, my country) as well as other favourites including Colonel Bogey. Braking at half time for ice cream before continuing the excellent performance.

What can be better than lying on the grass just absorbing the beautiful sounds? A good crowd appreciated the joyful tunes.

Pictures from the day

Palace Band in The Grove,
July 2015

Flutes and clarinets wafted gentle music to the listeners providing an idyllic atmosphere for our second concert of the year.

The Palace Band treated us to a mixture of songs including many favourites like "I do like to be beside the seaside, I do like to be beside the sea"... ...although the sea did keep a respectful distance.

The performance was well received by the Park Users enjoying the Summer Sunshine.
More pictures from the Day

Barnet Band in The Grove, June 2015

Sunny intervals brightened the day when the Barnet Band brought us some beautiful music to The Grove.

Returning after last year's success with their harmonic blend of woodwind and a little brass. An enrapt audience were stretched out on the grass with The Grove Cafe providing welcome refreshment.

Very much hope to see them again next year.

London Metropolitan Brass Beginners Band, September 2014

Making their debut appearance on the big stage. This band was given great weather to match their enthusiasm. We were treated to lots of different Brass Band tunes and also adaptations of great favourites like "Yesterday". There is nothing better than lazying on a Sunday afternoon on the grass and listening to music. Extra pics here.

At the half-time pause, members of the public of all ages were encouraged to come and try out one of the instruments to their obvious delight. If you have been inspired to start/restart band playing contact the band via their website here. 

Muswell Hill Brass in The Grove,
August 2014

We were treated to a great concert by Muswell Hill Brass on the first Sunday in August, 2014. 

The weather was kind to us as well and lots of people took the opportunity to spread out over the grass. There was even a guest conductor for one tune. We hope that you have enjoyed this chance to hear several local bands in Alexandra Park over the Summer.....

London Metropolitan Brass,
June 2014

A welcome return for Fortismere Community Brass with their new name. Again a delightful performance from these talented musicians.

A good crowd and some excellent weather (a change from their last appearance!)

Lots of great rousing music to entertain the onlookers.

Barnet Band, May 2014

The first of the summer’s band concerts organised by the Friends took place in The Grove in near-perfect conditions.  The members of the Barnet Band under their conductor, Matt Smith, entertained the audience with a selection of pieces – some stirring and some gentle.  

Over a 100 people were enjoying the sun on the grass,  or seeking shade under the trees or in Ciro’s café.