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Alexandra Park is a delightful mixture of informal woodland, open grassland, formal gardens and attractions such as the boating lake, cafés and the pitch-and-putt course. It covers 196 acres around Alexandra Palace in North London.

The Friends of Alexandra Park is a voluntary group that promotes the use of the Park, encourages the conservation of its wildlife and protects the Park from unwanted development. 

Friends Tweets

  • We organise walks and talks about trees, bats, fungi, moths, insects, birds and the history of Alexandra Park. You can also join our work parties.



  • We run the Park Information Centre, where you can find out more about the park; there are also activities for children. We open every Sunday 2–4 pm and at the same time on the first Saturday of the month.

Green Flag and Green Heritage Award retained

We are very pleased to hear that Alexandra Park has retained its Green Flag Award for 2018. This is due to the effort of the Park Manager, Mark Evison, the Trust's staff and volunteers, the Park Contractors, John O'Conner and ourselves! Picture courtesy the Park and Palace Trust.

Friends Events

Members' Walk: Plant Galls

Saturday, 13th October 11am to Noon

This month we will take a look at some of the weird and wonderful growths that appear on trees and other plants.

Most people have heard of Oak Apples which are not apples at all, but caused by a gall wasp. The oak has many types of gall with lots of knopper galls underfoot at this time of year. (picture)

On the leaves we will see silk button gall, spangle galls and smooth spangle galls.

Galls can be caused by insects, mites, fungi, bacteria.....

Where will we be meeting? Still working on that - will post at least a week before.

Friends' Past events

Autumn 2018 Bird Walk and Ringing Display

Not a huge turn out this year for the walk and unfortunately no rare birds!

We saw plenty of the usual magpies, crows, robins and the noisy parakeets....

Highlights this year were a greater spotted woodpecker in the Grove, starlings and goldfinches near the pitch and putt hut, a great crested grebe on the reservoir and house martins over the reservoir.

Bird ringing was also slow with only a robin being ringed (and the group missed that!).

It's all down to the vagaries of chance - I suppose - and next time, we will be back to a more spectacular list of birds seen.

Previous bird walks

Family Bug Hunt

A rush of last minute bookings contributed to a very successful Bug Hunt. Large and Small White butterflies were found as well as three different species of ladybird; Harlequin, 16 spot and the 24 spot (pictured left).

Shieldbugs were also scooped up including Green Shieldbugs, Bishop's Mitre Shieldbugs and Dock Bugs.

Roesel's Bush Cricket and Common Field Grasshoppers were found in the grass.

Spiders of all sizes were found including a particularly smart Garden Spider.

Rebecca explained to us that Ichneumon Wasps are the more primitive forms with the social wasps evolving more recently.

Earwigs were also found and we were told that the females look after their young.

One attendee was not so interested in the finds and had to entertained in other ways.

What else was found? Red spider mites and caterpillars as well as some other beetles.

Great Fete

The Friends had a stall at The Great Fete (the new name for the Summer Festival). We offered the opportunity for kids to make Butterfly Crowns (top pic). This was impressively popular and we actually ran out of raw materials half an hour before the close, but not before 65 kids had gone off very happy with their creations.

To test the kids and the adults, we had a Tree Leaf Quiz (middle pic) with leaves from Lime, Weeping Willow, Holly, Sycamore, Silver Maple and Cherry. This gained in popularity with trees close to stall being labelled to help the learning process. Some children were impressively knowledgeable.

Our final activity (bottom pic) was a photo quiz (link to the questions and answers). There were twelve pictures of the Palace and a map with 12 locations. It was "just" a question of matching them up.... Lots of puzzling, but eventually two people out of over fifty participants got all the questions correct and the tiebreaker had to come into operation.
The quiz is, at present, on display in the Park Information Centre in The Grove open this Sunday, 2pm to 4pm.

What else was going on? Lots! The whole event was concentrated, this year, on the South Slope and in spite of some worry about having stalls on a slope, it worked really well. There was lots for kids to do and most of it free (as were our activities). Music in various places of all types Brass Bands and original work from locals as well as more "commercial" stuff. The Streat Life food and drink
festival was up on the Terrace.

An example of the other stalls included the Friends of Alexandra Palace Station, Thrillseekers, Friends of Ally Pally Theatre, Viva City, Wild about our WoodsTryhard Clowns. Next to our stall was Haringey Council promoting healthier lifestyle and allowing people to mix their own drinks via pedalling a cycle.

Later on there was a film on the South Slope "The Dream Girls".

The Conservation Volunteers

August 2018

The theme for The Conservation Volunteers work in August was the cutting back of the Cherry Laurel by Alexandra Palace Way near the entrance to The Grove. A first session of this hedge reduction had already been undertaken by corporate volunteers. 

A lot of sawing and chopping took place and this will now allow a lot more light into the area. The removed branches were loaded up and removed by the Park Contractors, John O'Conner.

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