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in North London

Alexandra Park is a delightful mixture of informal woodland, open grassland, formal gardens and attractions such as the boating lake, cafés and the pitch-and-putt course. It covers 196 acres around Alexandra Palace in North London.

The Friends of Alexandra Park is a voluntary group that promotes the use of the Park, encourages the conservation of its wildlife and protects the Park from unwanted development. 

Calendar and book now both available! The Friends have recently published a book: A History of Alexandra Park; and our 2021 calendar is back from the printers.

Both can be purchased here.

Artist Walk in the Park and further Afield

Saturday, 14th November until Monday, 14th December

Click on the map for further information


The 2020 pandemic has caused various parts of the Palace and Park to be closed.  From Thursday, 5th November - the Palace will be closed again.

The Park Visitor Centre is closed (but we are planning to distribute leaflets of walks, etc and sell A History of Alexandra Park  from the bandstand area, near the Grove Cafe, on some fine weather weekends).

The Pitch and Putt course has now closed for the winter. The Lakeside Cafe will be open for take away only.

         The car parks are closed with the exception of the East Court Car Park - see Alexandra Palace site).

Friends Tweets

Our normal activities include:

  • Running the Park Visitor Centre, where you can find leaflets, chat to volunteers and find activities for children. 

TCV Conservation Work in The Grove

Tuesday, 1st December and Wednesday, 2nd December from 10am
, TCV will be landscaping the new wildlife pond in the Grove, and fitting the liner and protective membrane. You are welcome to join in, but please email or phone first due to Covid restrictions. Details here.

More Awards for the Park!

The Park has recent won a London in Bloom Award and a Green Flag and Green Heritage Awards.
To celebrate the latest awards the BBC Tower was illuminated by green light.

Friends Events in the Park to come

All our events at present require pre-booking via email Allyparkn10@gmail.com



We have had to cancel all walks until December 4th

We are not planning on having our normal members social in December, but there will be a nature-themed Members' Walk.

Conservation Work

Our last Conservation Session is planned for Tuesday, 1st December and is already fully booked. Our main focus at this time of year is back to reducing bramble coverage and taking tree saplings.

This picture shows a rather fine specimen of Fly Agaric seen in the meadow on our last session.

What's different, August 2020

Pitch and Putt

The ten-hole pitch and putt course is now closed for the winter.

Farmers' Market

Alexandra Palace Farmers’ Market is open at its Campsbourne School location. NHS staff and vulnerable people will have priority between 10am-11am. Strict social distancing will be in place. Only two people per household to allow faster access for others too.

Dog walking

The Park Management are asking dog walkers using the Park to please keep dogs on their leads. This is to support social distancing protocols and ensure owners don't inadvertently breach the two metre guidelines to retrieve their dogs.


Like most parks around the country, Alexandra Park suffered a wave of littering when lockdown began to be eased.  Fortunately the John O’Conner team were working throughout lockdown. 

A growing band of local volunteers (now around a hundred) joined in the litter clearance effort, enabling the John O’Conner team to keep up with their other grounds maintenance tasks. A big thank you to John O’Conner and all those volunteers.

Going into the late autumn/winter time, there is less demand for litter picking in the park...

.... however, we will continue to support the large number of brilliant volunteers helping to keep the park clean.

Anyone wishing to join the volunteer litter pickers, should please Email us.

The Palace has been appealing for donations, because of their almost total loss of income caused by the pandemic, and some of those donations have paid for additional John O’Conner litter clearing staff at the weekends.

Please see the Alexandra Palace site if you'd like to help with a donation.

Friends' Past Events in the Park

The Friends are still continuing the removal of grass from the western end of the Butterfly Meadow, but also tackling bramble and sapling removal.

This session we spotted some fungi including Fragile Brittle Gill and False Chanterelle.

Work in the Butterfly Meadow started in August with booked places limited to six people. For more information please email AllyParkN10@gmail.com. 

Continuing the grass removal work......

In spite of the inclement weather, Gordon led two history walks based on Chapter 7 of the new book. We found out about the Blandford (Banqueting) Hall history and how fire put an end to it in 1971. Other topics included the building of airships and their test flying from the park during the early of the 20th Century. Much more information to be found in our new history book....

Some of the Friends normal events

Conservation Work Parties

We have been working in the Butterfly Meadow on an almost weekly basis for the last few months with limited numbers. This open space is covered in anthills of the yellow meadow ant. A great place to spot different butterflies and other wildlife. Other work parties have taken place in The Grove and by the edge of the Redston field and an annual litter pick.


Mostly taking place in the Winter and early Spring the talks focus on Nature (Butterflies, Bees, Birds etc.) with some on history and other subjects that are relevant to the Park.

We have had great talks on Bats, Trees, the New River and the old railway line that used to run up to the Palace.

Coming up when conditions allow will be Stuart Little will presenting elements from his film about the Park and Palace....

This will be great opportunity to see some elements of history from the early days up and until the (second) fire in 1980.

Nature Walks
We put on a number of different Nature Walks throughout the year. Normally 2 Bird Walks a year, 2 Bat Walks, 2 Fungi Walks, 3/4 Tree Walks plus extra walks on an ad hoc basic such as this year's Moss and Liverwort walk. All these activities are open to all and free.

Members' Walks

There are normally about 10 of these a year focusing on Nature (Wild Flowers, Tree Galls plus plus), History (seeing what was where) or just keeping people informed as to what's going on in the Park - these are our only Members' Only events. 

The next walk (when pandemic restrictions permit) is planned to be:

Beating the Bounds: A brisk walk round the perimeter of the Park and a chance to look at what’s been happening in the Park in recent times. 

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