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Alexandra Park is a delightful mixture of informal woodland, open grassland, formal gardens and attractions such as the boating lake, cafés and the pitch-and-putt course. It covers 196 acres around Alexandra Palace in North London.

The Friends of Alexandra Park is a voluntary group that promotes the use of the Park, encourages the conservation of its wildlife and protects the Park from unwanted development. 

Friends Tweets

  • We organise walks and talks about trees, bats, fungi, moths, insects, birds and the history of Alexandra Park. You can also join our work parties.



  • We run the Park Visitor Centre, where you can find out more about the park; there are also activities for children. In the winter months, we open every Sunday 11 am to 1 pm and also the first Saturday of the month.

Friends Upcoming Events

Conservation Work Party

Wednesday, 28th August 10am to 12:30pm

Change of venue!

The Friends will be working in "The Spinney". This is the area opposite the Park Visitor Centre in The Grove. We will be joined by TCV with objects to help protect the new hedge, but especially to remove tree saplings growing up in the area.

No special skills required; enjoy exercise, plenty of fresh air and good conversation. Please bring secateurs if you have them, but we have extras you can use. 

We usually work from 10 am to 12.30 pm, but come for as long as you want and TCV will be continuing after lunch. Meet in The Grove opposite the Park Visitor Centre

London Metropolitan Brass in The Grove

Sunday, 1st September 2pm to 4pm

The London Metropolitan Brass Community Band will playing some great tunes to amuse the crowd. Last year they treated to a great interpretation of "The Stripper". Wondering what they will have in store for us this year?

Come and lie on the grass and/or grab an ice cream for our last band performance of the year.

Lots more pictures of last year's performance here.

Family Bug Hunt

Saturday, 7th September 1:30pm to 2:30pm (rearranged date)

Rebecca and Dave will return again this year to guide families through the insects found. In the past, we have found different types of ladybirds, grasshoppers, crickets, beetles and bugs and not to forget the butterflies.

No booking required, just turn up at the southern edge of Newland Field by the end of Campsbourne Road. Need more information? Email AllyParkN10@gmail.com .


Friends' Recent Events

The Friends had a stall at The Great Fete with 4 different activities for visitors. How we could do this was down to the fact that over 20 of us volunteered to help out on the day. A great effort.

Our main activity was making crowns for kids including this example (left) modelled beautifully by our treasurer, Nick. Last year we had 50 masks for kids to make running out on time at the end. This year there were 80 crowns made running out 10 minutes before the end.

We also had our popular tree leaf ID challenge, but this was a little complicated this year with windy conditions....

We set up an Xplorer course around the area of the stall, with kids encouraged to find various cards in the trees in return for stickers. Lots of takers.

The photo quiz this year consisted of our pictures of the park and more recent ones where the difficult task was to match us the correct pairs of

For anyone who wants to try their hand at the competition then the pictures will be up in the Park Visitor Centre for the next month. (open 2pm to 4pm Sundays and first Saturdays of the month) Another option is to look at the pictures online - link here.

For more pictures of the Great Fete see this link.

After the wild wind of Saturday, things had calmed down considerably for our walk. Starting by the Gas Hut, we had a look at some Knopper Galls on an Oak tree (after an embarrassingly long search) explaining about the gall wasps that form them.

Next was a parasitic flower, the Ivy Broomrape, which has no leaves and takes nutrients from the Ivy.

We walked towards the Nature Pond looking at Guelder Rose (inedible) and Dogwood Berries (poisonous) as well as Great Willowherb and, from a distance, the first dogwood leaves colouring for Autumn.

As to butterflies, we spotted quite a few including Common Blue,  GatekeeperMeadow BrownSpeckled Wood and Red Admiral (the latter being quite tatty).

Other nice spots were a ?Common Blue? Damselfly (pic by Tony Jakeman) and two types of dragonfly, the Common Darter (left pic also by Tony Jakeman) and Southern Hawker. In the woods, we saw the effects of Ash Die-Back and further flowers including Hoary Ragwort, Russian Comfrey and Spear Thistle.

Exiting the woods, we walked alongside the lower road and looked at few more flowers including Common Fleabane and a first time for Wild Carrot

For once the weather wasn't bright and sunny so a special thanks to the brave volunteers who came to the Butterfly Meadow to battle the brambles.

The weather did improve a bit later and there were even a few birds heard. The wild flowers are perhaps at their peak with the ragwort and knapweed attracting the butterflies.

We should back there a couple of months.....

London Metropolitan Brass

The London Metropolitan Brass band were up their normal very high standard and treated us to the traditional "Barnard Castle" and diverse tunes including "Under the Boardwalk", "I Got Rhythm" and "Georgia on my mind". So there really was something for everyone. 

Luckily the temperature was a little lower than the Saturday, but ice creams were still very much a favourite cooling down treat.

London Met Brass will be playing again at the Great Fete so make a point of listening to their repertoire.

Beginners Tree Walk

Perhaps 2pm on a 30 degree plus day was a bit of a disincentive, so only 4 enthusiastic members joined our Beginners Tree Walk. 

This Summer Walk made use of the shade as Robyn led us around The Grove inspecting Hornbeams, Beech, Lime, Oak for example and explained some of ways of identifying all these tree species – by leaf shape, leaf feel, bark etc.. A very enjoyable walk and the participants finished it off with cool drinks in the garden – all in all a very pleasant afternoon.

The Conservation Volunteers

June 2019

TCV worked this month with the Friends group in the Butterfly Meadow with a specific job of removing encroaching brambles from the bottom of the field.

The warm weather was a pleasant for the work party this month, but after a while of energetically removing brambles it did cause a little tiredness, luckily the shade at the bottom of the meadow did help.

Good progress along the whole bottom section of the meadow leaving the area free for the soft grasses and wild flowers to continue to progress.

The next conservation session in the Park will be on Wednesday, 24th July. Meet at 10am. To book or for more information contact David Allen the new BAT East Project Officer, email david.allen@tcv.org.uk or call on Tel: 07917 267 573.

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