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Repair & Maintenance

Our services go far beyond the sale. We are available to assist you in maintaining your equipment throughout the period of ownership, whether you own a beautiful Presidential pool table or one of our quality cues.
Our Billiard Mechanics are qualified to service all makes & models of pool & snooker tables; "Olhausen, Connelly, Presidential, Brunswick, AMF, World of Leisure, Valley, Dynamo, Murrey, Mosconi and more..."

Replacement Pockets
Whether you need highly stylized leather pockets, heavy duty commercial pockets, or pocket liners with gully boots, Dr. Billiard is able to help you find what you want to complete your table restoration, or just improve the way it looks.

Room size is a major consideration when choosing which size table you want -- or will fit. The standard cue length is 57". Custom cues average 58" in length. It is important that you have enough room to play comfortably. While most families prefer an 8 foot pool table, serious players tend to prefer 9 foot tables. However, even the serious player may have to concede to a smaller table if the room is not big enough. The dimensions listed below are minimum dimensions. Any space that can be added to these dimensions will increase your comfort and enjoyment of the game.

*If your room is smaller than those recommended, please call us for additional options.

Table Size 48" Cue 52" Cue 58" Cue
3.5'x 7' 11'3" x 14' 6" 11' 11" x 15' 2" 12' 11"x 16' 2"
4' x 8' 11' 8" x 15' 4" 12' 4" x 16' 0" 13' 4" x 17'
4' 5" x 9' 12' 2" x 16' 4"" 12' 10" x 17' 13' 10" x 18'
This chart will help you choose the perfect table for your room. If you have any questions please ask Suzanne or Phil.

Pool table measure
If you are a current table owner, there will be occassions you will need to know the true size of your table for purposes of recovering, moving or placing into storage, etc.
To determine the true size, measure two adjacent rail-markers, called "Diamonds", from CENTER to CENTER as shown. Provide this measurement (in inches) to a billiard table professional for a determination.