Pool Tables

All of our Olhausen and Connelly tables are Made in America!

We once sold a pool table to a doctor and his family. They had planned on taking a family vacation to Disney Land. But, the father had to stay in town to perform an emergency surgery. Since they missed their vacation, they purchased an pool table instead.

Seven years later we purchased the table back from them. When I asked why they were selling their table, they said, “Buying this pool table was the best money we ever spent on our family. We had so much fun. We knew all of our kids’ friends, everybody hung out at our house. We had great conversations while we played together. And, when our daughters went off to college, they played pool better than their boyfriends. But everybody has grown up and moved away and the interior decorator wanted to know if we were keeping the table….”

Family time and conversation are our favorite reasons to sell pool tables. In an era where people are talking less and texting more, a game of pool can be a welcome family social activity. But, we also sell tables to match any skill level and setting.

Now, let us introduce you to our billiard table manufactures:

We also offer a variety of table accessories to go along with your pool table.