Welcome to the Dragon Tea Company


Blended and packaged  in Florida in a state certified and inspected facility, The Dragon Tea Company has been a favorite ice and hot tea for restaurants and home use.  Offering teas from many different origins, custom flavors and packaging. 

All Dragon Tea blend is single origin China tea that makes for some of the best flavored teas you will ever taste! Available in 3 different pre-packaged brew sizes (1.5, 3,  and 5 gallon)  for commercial tea brewers, or 4 ounce packs for home use. Here are some of our current available flavors, see "Custom Flavors" tab for even more choices.

  • Black Dragon Tea - China Origin Black Tea with a clean taste and smooth finish.

  • Ginger Peach Black Dragon - The essence of ginger and rich peach in a China Black tea

  • Ybor Guava Black Dragon - Specifically blended to celebrate the Ybor heritage. Serve it sweet enhance that fantastic Guava flavor

  • Strawberry Black Dragon - Mild and delicious Strawberry flavor

  • Black Current - Deep full fruit flavor

  • Mango - the taste of fresh, succulent Mango

Laughing Buddha Tea is a mixture of China and Argentina tea. This gives the tea a stronger tea flavor but still with a very clean finish. Available in 3 different pre-packaged strengths and brews (1.5, 3 and 5 gallon, regular or strong) for commercial tea brewers or 4 ounce packs for home use.

  • Black Tea - Regular or strong
  • Tropical flavored

Dragon Hot Loose Leaf Teas are available in 1 lb bags (listed shortly)

How do you get products from the Dragon Tea Company?  Simply call us and we will put you in touch with a distributor or ship direct. Some distributors offer tea programs that include brewing equipment and dispensers. 


Contact us at 352-535-0553