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Smarter Balanced Assessment Schedule

Grade 3

  • April 29 -30, 2019: SBA English Language Performance Task
  • May 6 - 7, 2019: SBA English Language Computer Adaptive Test
  • May 13 -14, 2019: SBA Mathematics Computer Adaptive Test

Other Links

Note: Websites may be altered at any time without our knowledge by the website's creator. We highly recommend that you always view the sites with your child so that you are aware of its content with the knowledge that all websites are connected to the World Wide Web.


Cyberchase is a new Public Broadcasting System (PBS) animated, adventure TV series about problem solving and math. On the web, students play interactive games.

NCTM Illuminations is a website sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. On this particular section entitled Activities. there are 98 online activities available. They are separated by grade level clusters. The grade 3-5 cluster has the Product Game that the children played today as well as other games that can be played online.

Website lets you create math worksheets for drill and practice. It lets you choose the number of problems and the range of factors you would like to limit it to.

The Measurement Game teaches kids how to read an English or metric measurement using a ruler or scale.


A list of Guided Reading Leveled books from Level A – S.