Welcome to Program Effectiveness at DPS! A division of the Accountability, Research, and Evaluation Department. We are a team dedicated to providing district staff the services and tools needed to demonstrate their impact with data. Want to learn more about what drives us? Watch the short video below.

How can we help YOU?
Pulling from work within Collective Impact and Developmental Evaluation, we realize that there is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach to understanding and using data efficiently, and that program evaluation needs to be sensitive to both innovative and traditional practices in education. The areas below are just some of the ways our team can support you. See our Services, Resources, and Training pages to learn more.
  • Technical assistance. Need that survey tweaked or that logic model built? Are you wanting to know the return on investment of your initiative? Do you need a better away to monitor the progress of your work? Link to our support form and learn more here
  • Goal setting and logic models. While there are many ways to map out the impact you hope to have in your program, the logic model process has proven very useful to district stakeholders. Our logic model process uncovers blind spots in your program design, while giving you the insights to focus on what matters. Find some useful worksheets and handouts highlighting the importance of logic models under our Resources page here.
  • Trainings and Capacity Building. In collaboration with our partner departments, we offer a range of regularly scheduled and made-to-order trainings from survey development and goal setting to progress monitoring and data dashboards. See a full list of trainings here.
  • Direct evaluation management. We offer direct, start-to-finish, evaluation management. This service covers everything from goal creation to data collection and analysis and reporting. While this service is reserved for the largest district initiatives, we are always happy to have a discussion. Find a presentation highlighting how we collaborate across teams to prioritize which programs we will tackle each year here.

Our Vision

By creating a centralized structure for initiative measurement, reporting and prioritization along with a customer-focused data support structure, DPS will be better positioned to measure impacts, compare performance, and move “best bets” to market faster to ensure every child succeeds!

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