Welcome everyone!  My name is Mrs. Fioccoprile, or Mrs. Fio for short, and I will be teaching 7th Grade Social Studies at DSA.  In this class, we will learn about world history in the Eastern hemisphere. We will focus on the following areas: Northern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Russia, Eurasian Republics, Southwest Asia, East Asia, and South Asia.

-Mrs. Fio

Important Information:

DPS has just released the schools chosen to take the 7th Grade CMAS Social Studies test. This year, DSA has been chosen. Students will take the exam after Spring Break. Here is a link to the results from last years results across the state: http://www.cde.state.co.us/assessment/cmas-dataandresults

  • November 16: Trial of Martin Luther
  • December 7: Unit 2 Exam and Notebook Check

  • Honors:
    • November 5: Proposal Due
    • November 26: Paper Due
    • December 10: Project Due

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