Hello! My name is Maggie Rowbottom. Welcome to my website for Denver Public Schools - Gifted and Talented!

I am the GT itinerant representing Munroe, MSLA, College View, and Fairview Elementary schools in DPS.  
Since I have so many buildings and little time at each site, here I am able to share resources, important documents, and information on Gifted and Talented Programming in DPS. 

Here on the home page, every Monday I update GT announcements, parent resources, tips for teachers, student work, and more to support you all. (see below). 

<<<My other subpages to the left are intended to help teachers or parents take next steps for learning about giftedness, testing children for GT, and finding ways to differentiate and support children in the classroom and/or at home. Thanks for checking in, and enjoy! 😊


Weekly Parent Resource

Planning for Summer  
Many of my gifted students are actually NOT excited for summer, because they love learning opportunities and being in school so much. A good idea for parents is to plan for summer, because we have amazing opportunities and ideas for enrichment ALL year long! Visit the link below for ideas from the NAGC on how to plan for summer for Gifted students. 


Recursos Para los Padres de Familia
Padres: hagan clic en el folleto a continuación para obtener consejos sobre niños dotados y talentosos

Weekly Teacher Tip

Weekly E-tip: Intermediate: Creativity 

Creativity is often defined as doing or producing something novel or unique, but also in some way useful. Anyone working or living with gifted children can confirm that they often exhibit amazing creativity. Click the E-tip below for a one page explanation on recognizing and enhancing creativity in the classroom. 

GT Programming Word of the Week

Inclusion in the regular classroom 

The gifted student is included for instruction in a regular classroom as opposed to a magnet classroom/school. Student needs are met through differentiation of instruction as a delivery model. (E,M,H)

Student of the Week


Updated April 9th, 2018


Based off the results of the Fall and Winter Academic testing windows, I have total of TWENTY newly identified GT students this year! Thank you so much for all your help!

Upcoming Dates:

  • This week April 9th - 13th marks the last week of this 6 week cycle.
  • April 16th - 20th there are NO GROUPS! This is my FINAL and very important week for progress monitoring and data collecting in order to make sure students have met / are on track for their ALP goals. The final 6 week cycle begins the following week. 
  • Final 6 week GT cycle: April 23rd - June 1st will be spent with students working towards their ALP goals for both academic and affective needs. This wil include monitoring their own data and reflecting on next steps in groups or one-on-one, so some scheduling changes may happen during this time. 
  • The great news that we have SO MANY GT students now ALSO means that we have minimum of 2 Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) Goals for each identified student. I have had to STOP all K-1 groups because of this. Thanks for letting me work with your kids up until this point, and let me know if you need additional resources or ideas for services. 
  • Parent Opportunity: April 11th: 9-10am Parent Coffee Talk 

Location: Denver Language School 451 Newport St.  Mindfulness Based Stress and Anxiety Techniques for Gifted Students (and Parents) with Dr. Vanessa Ewing
  • Good News! The DPS Gifted and Talented Department now has a facebook page, @dpsgifted! Like us and share with your families and communities: https://www.facebook.com/dpsgifted/

    (Twitter coming soon!)

Gifted and Talented Calendar

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