Chromebook FAQ

How do students sign-on to a Chromebook?

If a student has not already changed their password through the Student Portal,  they must do so before they proceed.  For more detailed information on the process see the Initial Student Password Reset

Detail information on how to log onto a Chromebook see the Student Chromebook Logon document

How do staff sign-on to a Chromebook?

In order to use a mobile device (Chromebooks, iPads, etc.) staff members must change their password through

Be aware that any mobile devices with email or wireless setup need to be re-configured as part of the password reset process.

For detailed directions on staff password reset: Staff Password Reset.
For detailed directions for staff logging onto a Chromebook: Staff Chromebook logon.

The email address staff use to log onto mobile devices like Chromebooks and Google iPad apps is (username) Not just email address with .net instead of .org.

Staff that have been with the district since before summer 2012 have shortened usernames.

For example:

Sam Johnson started in 2009, his username is SJohnso1.
Sam's email is
To log onto a Chromebook Sam would use

Sarah Smith started in 2013, her username is Sarah_Smith
Sarah's email is
To log onto a Chromebook Sarah would use

How do you print from a Chromebook?

Currently you cannot print locally on a Chromebook. Students and teachers can share documents with each other. For instance, homework created by students can be shared with or emailed to their teacher. The teacher can email information to the students or create a site that will guide students through a lesson or set of lessons.

Students and Teachers can always sign into their DPS Google account on another computer that is connected to the network to print documents from their Google Drive.