Jennifer Wetzig



Room 121 (1st Hour AP)

Room 209 (6th and 7th - Spanish 2)

Room 208 (Office)


  • Period 1: AP Spanish Language and Culture
  • Period 2-5: Planning, coaching
  • Period 6: Spanish 2
  • Period 7: Spanish 2
  • Period 8: Planning, coaching

¿Quién es Maestra Wetzig?

¡Hola! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jenny Wetzig and I'm very excited to begin my journey at Denver School of the Arts. I was born in Boulder but grew up in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. I loved Spanish in high school and took advantage of every opportunity to use it. At St. Olaf College (MN), I studied Spanish and Sociology/Anthropology.

After a semester in Costa Rica studying rural community tourism, I knew I wanted to be fluent. After college, I had the opportunity to join the program WorldTeach and taught English in Chile for a year. It was an incredible experience and solidified my passion for language, culture and travel.

Back in Colorado, I worked at Denver Language School for a year then went to the University of Denver for my Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction - Linguistically Diverse Education. This is the start of my 7th year teaching and I spent the last five at East High School.

My goal is to teach empathy and understanding through language. I use Comprehensible Input strategies to reach all students and believe everyone can learn a language. Here's to a great school year!