Library and Technology Digital Learning Experiences Collection

 This site: http://tinyurl.com/DPSDLE

Welcome to the DPS Technology and Library DLE Curation site.

On this site, DPS technology and Library teachers have submitted lesson plans, many with attached SLOs, that offer a range of the lessons we teach throughout the district. These Digital Learning Experiences are meant to provide students with learning that is rigorous, personalized, and joyful in ways that those who teach subjects that lie Beyond the Common Core (BCC) have the freedom to provide.

We hope that you find this collection illuminating and you not only find lesson plans you wish to use in your classroom, but that you wish to submit your own lesson plans to the collection as well.

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What are DLEs, you ask? 

Learning happens through many different types of experiences.  

Educators are adept at designing these experiences, as it is a core element of their craft. However, too often teachers can ignore the student need to have a learning experience which includes the meaningful use of digital tools.  In order to prepare students for life in the 21st century, specifically for college and careers, as well as fulfilling the expectations of Common Core State Standards and thus preparing for PARCC, teachers need a better understanding of what constitutes a Digital Learning Experience.  

This is not to say that all learning experiences need to be digitally focused, or even that good learning experiences necessitate digital tools, but rather that some learning experiences should include the pedagogically sound use of digital tools.  

We should support and encourage teachers to carefully consider when these tools can enhance the learning experience. In defining best practices for the design of such experiences, we can promote the use of digital tools when they produce better student outcomes both in achievement and ownership.


A digital learning experience is a demonstration of learning, through the creation of a digital product in a process supporting analysis, evaluation, or synthesis. 

A rigorous and effective digital learning experience:

  • Provides students with meaningful, frequent feedback from teachers and peers throughout experience.
  • Incorporates technology as a purposeful and integral element.
  • Fosters student collaboration.
  • Includes an authentic task, assessment, or audience.
  • Promotes differentiation.
  • Uses and develops digital skills that are grade appropriate as defined by Common Core, ISTE, and PARCC.