Hello and welcome to the Edison Art Space Gallery!

ECE, Self Portrait 

2nd Grade, Gnome and Fairy Homes

3rd Grade, Cuckoo Clocks

4th Grade, Paper Theater

5th Grade, Castles

Students are creating....

ECE: We finished our Leaf Man video and we will be working on 2-D and 3-D art!

4th: 3-D Clay Projects and Weaving
5th: Clay Castles!

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

~Albert Einstein
Art News and Information:

Thank you Edison community for supporting our art program with our "Original Works" fundraiser. Last year we were able to purchase three mini iPads, and this year we were able to purchase our new table loom! 

Art Studio Routines and Procedures:
My philosophy in art education is simple;  Kids need to create and communicate. 
Children's art is magical and I want you to see your child's reflection in his or her work. You won't see "cookie cutter" art hanging in the Edison hallways, instead you will find work that represents the essence of our young artists. In room 001 at Edison, process of learning, thinking, communicating and creating is equally important as the final product.

Your child should know his or her specials rotation schedule. For grades ECE, 3, 4 and 5, the rotation is Art, Music, PE. For grades K, 1, and 2, the rotation is Art, Music, PE, and Tech. On art days, I encourage students to wear clothing appropriate for art. For health reasons, I only require kids wear art aprons when we are using extremely messy materials. 
Of course kids can chose to wear an apron at anytime. 

Ask your child to tell you about our clean up game called "Green Beans"! You might see a fun drawing on their hands with green marker, that means they were honored by me or a classmate for being extra helpful and responsible in art.