"In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught."
Baba Dioum –Senegalese Environmentalist

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DSISD's Outdoor Leadership Class is excited to be a part of the GOCO Inspire Initiative through their partnership with The Greenway Foundation and EarthForce! 
Recent Trips!

Trip to Johnson Habitat Park

Summary of Friday at the Park:

By Robert Moore (DSISD OLS Student)

On Friday 9/11/2015 the Outdoor Leadership class went to a park named Johnson Habitat Park. The South Platte River runs through the park. Johnson Habitat Park was built in partnership by the Greenway Foundation, a non profit organization that dedicates its time to cleaning up the South Platte River. The Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design has also adopted this park to help keep it clean and eco-friendly. The field trip was an introduction to our newly adopted park!

While the class was at the park we played a game called the Fish Game. The Fish Game is a game where there are two teams (six players to a team). There is one boss per team. The game starts with the bosses putting 50 fish in a lake. (In this case the lake was a segment of concrete and the fish were paperclips). The game then proceded by the five other players in each team taking up to six fish each round and each player paying a fee of one fish to the boss every round. Each round the boss would double the amount of fish in the lake; however, the Boss was not able to stock the lake over seventy fish. After eight rounds when the game was over our lake had significantly less fish. This was due to almost everyone taking six fish every round. This game taught the class about over-use of natural resources. The moral of this game was to take only what you need so that the natural resources don't get depleted.

After the game we went to a giant rope web at the playground and climbed on it. We then preceded by taking a class photo on the rope web. Overall it was a good day at the park.

2015 Fall RiverFest! 

Summary of the 2015 Fall RiverFest Event:

By Rhyleigh Abel

On September 26th, four DSISD students, accompanied by Ms. Davis, traveled to 818 Water Street to volunteer at Confluence Park in Downtown Denver for the 2015 Fall RiverFest! We arrived at around eight in the morning and spent about forty five minutes eating breakfast and receiving speeches from several people involved with the event. At about nine o’clock we made our way across the bridge to Centennial Gardens right next to Elitch Gardens.  We moved our tools to the place we would be working and then got some instructions on what to do.

The DSISD group worked trimming hedges down to a certain height. The woman in charge drew a line on the side of the bushes that we were supposed to cut them down to. We spent about two and a half hours trimming bushes with large clippers and hedge trimmers until they rounded us up, helped us put our tools away and made our way back to the meeting place. They had a tent set up with pizza, and Qdoba burrito bowls. We ate our food and at about one, went our separate ways. Overall it was a great day giving back to the community!

Sep 3, 2015, 10:25 AM