Snap Circuits Motion and Sound


"Get your brain in motion and snap together a circuit of educational fun! Snap circuits is essentially a set of building blocks with snaps for building electronic circuits that do all kinds of fascinating actions. In this set, you'll be building an amazing array of things that move. Create a lighted fan that changes colors as it spins. A mechanical bug that actually crawls across the table. Build an air fountain, a motion detector, or a colorful, animal-themed merry-go-round. Even a mini-car that drives around the room, or a plane that moves with vibrations, plus so many more! All the while, you'll be learning all about how circuits work, how they connect to do different things, and how to imagine and create new circuits all on your own. With over 160 projects to complete, plus all the circuits you're encouraged to invent, there's no telling just how far this circuit board will take you! Easy to build and fun to create, the Snap Circuits Motion set sparks up a brain-strengthening circuit of educational action." -- Fat Brain Toys website


"Snap Circuits Sound, the newest addition to the Snap Circuits line, teaches all about electricity and sound, including how it is made and heard. With more than 185 projects to help demonstrate the principles of sound, students will learn about electricity and how to build circuits. Additionally, Snap Circuits Sound explains concepts related to sound and hearing, such as frequency, electronic radio waves, mono and surround sound, echoes, SONAR, ultrasounds, and the difference between music and noise.

Snap Circuits Sound includes a keyboard, a voice charger for recording sounds and playing them back at various speeds, an audio jack and stereo cable for use with your iPod or speakers, sound energy demonstration container for showing sound waves, and so much more! Add echo effects; connect to your smartphone and use apps to analyze sounds; play with color changing light, and even create your own experiments! The 40+ pieces, 185+ projects, and 86-page full-color manual are just the beginning!"

--Home Science Tools website

Curriculum concepts: 4th grade, Physical Science: Energy (electricity)

*Kits available: 1

Kit contains:


Motion set:

    • 1 base grid
    • Snap wires: 3 1-snap wires, 6 2-snap wires, 3 3-snap wires, 1 4-snap wire, 1 5-snap wire, 1 6-snap wire
    • 2 battery holders
    • LEDs: 1 red/yellow LED, 1 color LED
    • Jumper wires: 1 black jumper wire, 1 red jumper wire
    • 1 air fountain
    • 1 ball for air fountain
    • 1 spout for air fountain
    • 1 rubber band
    • 1 “+” shaped bar
    • 1 100µF capacitor
    • 1 1µF capacitor
    • Crawler: 1 crawler body, 1 crawler parts
    • Gears: 1 1.0” gear, 2 1.75” gears, 1 2.55” gear, 1 3.3” gear
    • 1 geared motor
    • 1 project manual

Sound set:

    • 1 base grid
    • Snap wires: 3 1-snap wires, 7 2-snap wires, 3 3-snap wires, 1 4-snap wire, 1 5-snap wire, 1 6-snap wire
    • 2 battery holders
    • 1 0.1µF capacitor
    • 1 470µF capacitor
    • 1 1µF capacitor
    • 1 color light emitting diode (LED)
    • 1 Egg LED attachment
    • Jumper wires: 1 black jumper wire, 1 red jumper wire
    • 1 audio jack
    • 1 project manual
    • Apps for Snap Circuits Sound:


Kit contains one sets of books:

What is a Circuit? by Ethan Weingarten

Motors and Generators by Grace Vail

How Does a Battery Work? by Roman Wilson

Conductors and Insulators By C.O. Shea

Please note: This kit requires 4 AA batteries per box, not included.


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