Snap Circuits Jr.

Snap Circuits Jr. Kit

"Snap CircuitsĀ® makes learning electronics easy and fun! Just follow the colorful pictures in our manual and build exciting projects such as a flying saucer; alarms; doorbells and much more! You can even play electronic games with your friends. All parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with ease. Enjoy hours of educational fun while learning about electronics. No tools required."

-- Snap Circuits

Curriculum concepts: 4th grade, Physical Science: Energy (electricity)

*Kits available: 3

Kit contains:


Each kit contains three sets of the following materials:

1 base grid

3 1-snap wires

6 2-snap wires

3 3-snap wires

1 4-snap wire

1 5-snap wire

1 6-snap wire

1 battery holder

1 red LED

1 black jumper wire

1 red jumper wire

1 motor fan

1 red fan blade

1 photoresistor

1 100Ī© resistor

1 slide switch

1 press switch

1 speaker

1 2.5V lamp

1 whistle chip

1 music integrated circuit

1 alarm integrated circuit

1 space war integrated circuit

1 clear case


2 instruction manuals

1 teacher guide

1 student guide


Kits contain two sets of books:

What is a Circuit? by Ethan Weingarten

Motors and Generators by Grace Vail

How Does a Battery Work? by Roman Wilson

Conductors and Insulators By C.O. Shea

Please note: This kit requires 2 AA batteries required for each set which are not included.

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