Snap Circuits Arcade

"Featuring over 200 exciting projects, this Snap Circuits electronics kit includes 20+ build-n-play games featuring sound, light and motion. Interactive, fun, and educational, this kit contains 35+ parts and a 77 page full color instruction book. Projects include Home Run Derby, Word Fan, Disco Ball with sound, Where's the Blue Light?, Human Alarm, Light Projecting Arcade Show, and many more!" --

Curriculum concepts: 4th grade, Physical Science: Energy (electricity)

*Kits available: 1

Kit contains:


1 base grid

2 1-snap wires, 6 2-snap wires, 3 3-snap wires, 1 4-snap wire, 1 5-snap wire

1 battery holder

1 red light emitting LED, 1 green light emitting LED

1 red/yellow bicolor light emitting LED

1 disco motor, 1 support bar for disco covers, 1 triangle disco cover

1 hexagon disco cover

1 18" black jumper wire, 1 18" red jumper wire, 1 8" orange jumper wire

2 4" blue jumper wires

1 programmable fan, 1 PNP transistor, 1 NPN transistor

1 slide switch, 1 press switch

1 selector

1 speaker

1 alarm IC

1 LED display and microcontroller

1 instruction manual


Kit contains one sets of books:

What is a Circuit? by Ethan Weingarten

Motors and Generators by Grace Vail

How Does a Battery Work? by Roman Wilson

Conductors and Insulators By C.O. Shea

Please note: This kit requires 3 AA batteries per box, not included.