"Playmags building blocks are unique, the magnets attract on all sides and even when flipped around.

Children will effortlessly learn through creative play about geometric shapes, symmetry, architecture

and basic math concepts such as counting, addition, and subtraction through manipulation of the colorful pieces."

--Playmags 3D Magnetic Tiles

Curriculum concepts: Kindergarten Mathematics, Standard 4.

Recommended for ECE+

*Kits available: 2

Kit Contains:


150 Magnetic Tiles:

8 Acute Angled Triangles

12 Right Angled Triangles

22 Equilateral Triangles

36 Small Squares

26 Open Squares

8 Window Squares

16 Rectangles

16 Fence Pieces

2 Train Cars

4 Large Squares

13 Alphabet Clickins Tiles

5 Plastic Windows (non-magnetic)


Attract and Repel by Jennifer Boothroyd

What Magnets Can Do by Allan Fowler