littleBits STEAM Student Set

littleBits makes a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small. BitsTM snap together with magnets, making it the simplest tool for powerful 21st-century STEAM learning. The electronic building blocks are color-coded and reusable. Students gain technical skills by exploring creative, collaborative solutions to real-world problems. The challenges in the littleBits STEAM Student Set link to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for Engineering Design and Common Core.

Build creative confidence. Develop critical thinking. Foster collaborative teamwork.

Designed for Ages 8+, Grades 3-8.

Curriculum concepts: 4th Grade Physical Science, Standard 1. Engineering Design

*Kits available: 2

Please note: Kit requires 1 9V battery, not included.

Kit Contains:


19 BitsTM (power, USB power, button, slide dimmer, light sensor, temperature sensor, pulse, fork, wire (2), inverter, number, long LED, RGB LED, DC motor (2), servo & hub, buzzer, fan)

Materials and Accessories

1 9V cable

1 USB power adapter and cable

2 mounting boards

3 mechanical arms

1 servo mount

4 motorMates

2 wheels

12 magnet shoes

12 hook & loop shoes

2 mini screwdrivers

4 screws

May contain 2 strips of hook and loop tape (consumable)

May contain 12 twist ties (consumable)


1 Student Invention Guide

1 Teacher Guide

Helpful Links:

  • Download and print the student Invention Log here. This document also serves as a formative and summative assessment tool.
  • Visit the littleBits Educator Community to discover additional lessons and to share your own.
  • The free littleBits Invention App is available on iOS and Android.