Our Vision 

All students with educational barriers that graduate from DPS will have the skills, knowledge and experiences to access and engage in career path development, post-secondary education/training and fulfilling independent living.

Our Guiding Mission 

In order to ensure that all students with disabilities have access to Transition services directly related to their post school outcomes, we will provide programming aligned to DPS graduation requirements to support essential skills attainment and The Continuum of Services for College and Career Readiness.

Our Current Goals

  • Create strategic communication and recruitment strategy to develop & grow existing Transition programming & services

  • Support with new 2021 Graduation Requirements in a way that is aligned to promoting effective Transition planning practices

  • Coordination & collaboration with other CareerConnect pathways, SWAP/DVR, WIOA, DPS 18 - 21 Community Based Transition Program & ACEConnect to facilitate targeted, matched, strategic career development, pre-internship and technical training opportunities

The Stories of How We are Working to Meet Our Goals

Pre Pre Med for DPS Students

Bountiful Harvest -- ACEConnect & The DPS Garden of Youth Program

ACEConnect: Careers in the Arts Day on the Art District on Santa Fe 2014

Transition to Higher Education Course Partnership

        To contact our partner program: DPS 18 - 21 Transition Program --
please send an email to MARY_MARKHAM-LINZMEYER@dpsk12.org

Our partner program: DPS 18 - 21 Transition Services