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Infinite Campus and Google

A students Google account can be enabled or disabled by a field in Infinite Campus. Enrollment secretaries populate the Student Email field in Infinite Campus at the beginning of school based on the Student Registration Packet, or when a parent letter from the Google Implementation packet is returned to the school.

If a Student is Opted Out, schools can send home one of the letters below. Once the parent returns the signed letter, your school's enrollment secretary can update this preference in IC and the student account will be enabled the next day.


 Enrollment Secretaries have access to the Student Email field on the Authorizations tab of the General Information atom within Infinite Campus.
There are four options for this field:
  •     (Blank) - No option chosen, Google account enabled.
  •     OPI: Opt In - Opted In to Student Email, Google account enabled.
  •     OPO: Opt Out - Opted Out of Student Email, Google account disabled.
  •     REV: Revoked - punitive removal of access, Google account disabled.

Enrollment Secretaries also have access to a report that gives information about student's Google accounts. 

 The report can be found by clicking on Ad Hoc Reporting, then Data Export, click the by any of the three m AdHoc Library groups. 
  Scroll down, click student GoogleMail Account info, select Delimited Values (CSV), click Export    

The report will open in Excel, Column F holds the Student Email information. Apply a filter to column F and select only OPO to limit the list to student who have been opted out of Google.