APS Description

Alternative Placement Services (APS) may be provided when a student suffers from a severe medical or psychological condition that prevents the student from accessing education in a school setting for an extended period of time.

The goal for APS is to provide continuity of instruction and to facilitate the student's return to a regular school setting as quickly as possible. APS is meant to be a temporary placement and does not replace the education a student can receive in a classroom setting.

If you have questions about placing a student on Homebound under Section 504, please contact the District Section 504 Coordinator, Paul_Thompson@dpsk12.org; 720-423-2643.

If you question about placing a student on Homebound under IDEA, please contact the case manager or the Special Education Instructional Specialist (SEIS).

Once a student has been placed on Homebound, please direct your questions to the Homebound Coordinator, Cassandra_Stacks@dpsk12.org; 720-423-2024.

To ensure consistency, questions related to Section 504 and/or APS should no longer be directed to your respective department managers/supervisors or department leadership teams.


Cassandra Stacks

Homebound Coordinator:CASSANDRA_STACKS@dpsk12.org

Paul Thompson

District 504 Coordinator: PAUL_THOMPSON@dpsk12.org