Ms. Smith (Language Arts)

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Name:  Donna Smith
Telephone: 720- 424-0681

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Memorial Day 5/29
Last Day of School 6/2 (Half Day)

Check out the Book Recommendations link.  I have added two books by Laurie Halse Anderson- one of my favorite young adult writers, plus a few others.

We use Expeditionary Learning curriculum.  It is designed around the Common Core Standards and offers a variety of reading and writing opportunities.

Module 4:  The Teen Brain- Research Unit
Ray Bradbury ( two short stories that involve technology and humans)- graphic novel project.

Homework General Info: 

Reading 30 minutes every night- Finish the year strong.  Add extra time if you need to in order to make your AR goals.

Summer Goals:  In preparation for 8th grade, please read a couple of novels.  Check back here in June for a list of awesome summer reads.