Mr. Tallmadge (PE)

Hello Merrill family, 
I am excited to kick off the school year with all of you! I am the Physical Education Teacher for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and will be the head soccer coach for the boys team this Fall. 
My teaching philosophy is simply to help every student develop life long healthy habits. The habits that we will be working on in class will help all students in both their emotional and physical health. It is through positive life learning opportunities that we as a class, school, and community can learn together and                                        grow.    
Name: Jay Tallmadge     

* Boys Soccer try outs to start Monday the 29th of August.  

Current Unit

Current Unit will be focusing on classroom expectations and team building within the class. It is important to start the year this way to ensure there is a safe and fun learning space for all students.  

Quizzes and Tests
Students will create a Goal Map that will guide instruction for the entire quater. Our goal as a class is for all students to develop into well rounded young adults. 


Unit 1 
  • Think Positively, Eat Healthy, and Stay Active!