Mr. Geimer (Science)

Name:  Max Geimer

This week, we are discussing the components that make up an ecosystem and the role that INVASIVE SPECIES play in influencing these components.  Students will learn about what kinds of environmental factors control organism populations and how to chart population change over time to draw conclusions about how an ecosystem might change from data.

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Current Unit

We are now in Unit 5:  Ecosystems and Ecology.  In this unit, students will learn about the macro systems that control environmental factors like weather and climate.  These environmental factors determine the types of organisms found in each type of biome.  Students will discover how food webs exchange energy through an ecosystem and what role various types of plants, animals and fungi play in each relationship.  Finally, students will learn about the various environmental effects human have on ecosystems; from global warming to deforestation and trash islands to ocean acidification!

THIS WEEK:  Abiotic/Biotic components of an ecosystem

Quizzes and Tests
Unit 5 Quiz - Week of April 24th


Here is a great resource regarding science careers.  Students get to play a game to discover the various branches of science and find out what suits their skills!


Unit 5 Homework:
Date - Assignment
4/10 - Invasive Species Information Sheet

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