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Mrs. Larson - 6th Grade Earth Science

As a testing administrator for the CMAS assessment for the last two weeks, it should be known that the dedication and focus of the 6th graders this year exceeded any I have ever seen and I am very proud of them.
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Mrs. Larson
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Homework this week (4/17/17)

Scientific Methods
Black Day Students Due 4/20/17
Red Day Students Due 4/27/17

Classroom Announcements

Students will be writing their homework in their planners and it will also be announced on this website. 

Students have binders that have a science section.  Teacher specifically instructs students to store current homework in a binder section for transport to and from home.

Science Journals containing classwork are stored in the classroom.  They can be checked out with the teacher and will need to be returned to the classroom for the next class period.
Current Unit: 

Sixth graders are working on using the Scientific Method to design and conduct experiments.  They will be identifying variables, writing testable questions, and predicting hypotheses.  Students will work in teams to customize their project and collect data. Collaboratively they will problem solve to create a fair test and present it to the class on a trifold presentation board.  

Water Availability letters from the Water Unit will be sent to Senator Bennet this week.  It is expected that we will receive a letter of response from Washington DC.

Focus on:

Evaluating data tables and graphs for trends and using the information in Claim Evidence Reasoning writing.

Creating, developing and using models to predict.

Homework General Info: 

Homework is assigned every other week.  The first week will be the Black schedule students and the second week will be the Red schedule students.  Students can pick up missing homework assignments from the classroom.

Focus on Literacy

This week 6th graders write a claim evidence reasoning experimental conclusion that argues the conclusion for their experiment and answers their testable question.