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Mr. Garland (Social Studies)

Hello 7th Grade social studies afficianados. This space will serve as a welcome site for parents and students who are interested in what is going on in Mr. Garland's classroom with regards to their students and what we are learning. 7th grade social studies covers a huuuuuuge swath of both history and geography so keep an eye on the current unit because it will explain the skills that we are covering as well as the content areas. Thank you for visiting and please reach out with any questions or comments. 
Name: Andrew Garland
Email: Andrew_garland@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-424-0665

Please be sure and frequently check Student/Parent Portal frequently. This is where assessment grades are posted. For example weekly homework grades are filed under "Literacy in Social Studies" because this area reflects both writing and the current events homework portion. Other assessment data including the final grades for unit tests is also posted. 

Current Unit

Currently the 7th graders are in their "Feudalism and Crusades" unit. This unit studies the nature and interdependency of feudal societies like Ancient Japan or Medieval Europe while comparing these societies to the Islamic Empire that existed during the same period. 

Quizzes and Tests

Red students- Feb. 19th Public Speaking Assignment "The Crusades- Causes and origins"
Black Students- Feb. 22nd Public Speaking Assignment "The Crusades- Causes and origins"

Red Students- Formative Feudalism Schoolnet assessment- Feb. 25th
Black Students- Formative Feudalism Schoolnet assessment- Feb. 26th

Feudalism- Summative unit assessment Red Students- March 17th
Feudalism- Summative Unit assessment Black Students- March 18th 

For homework assignments if you miss class or want to catch up on current events head on over to CNN Student News

Each Week a student must turn in their cornell notes from that week's CNN Student News. A hyperlink to the CNN Student news site is in resources. 

After the student has taken notes they must reflect in a one paragraph analysis on one news story. They must classify their news story into one of four social studies domains: History, Geography, Civics and Economics. 

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